A Round Up of Food Storage Resources

A Roundup of Food Storage Resources via The Survival Mom

New to the idea of stocking up on food? I was once a complete newbie, too!

I advise you to set a goal of 30 days worth of extra food — that is, food that is put away,  out of sight and out of mind. Everything in your new food storage pantry needs to be “shelf stable”, that is, it doesn’t require refrigeration and can be stored anywhere. If storage space is limited in your household, you can store this food in bins, under beds, on closet shelves — pretty much anywhere that remains cool throughout the year.

First things first

Before buying anything, you must know about the “6 Enemies of Food Storage.” Read this article first!

This knowledge will help you store your food in optimal conditions, giving you the longest shelf life possible. Old food, or food that has deteriorated due to the food storage enemies, loses nutrients, color, flavor, texture. Eating it won’t kill you, but it won’t be appetizing either, nor will it be full of the nutrients you desire.

Here’s the round-up

All these articles have value and together, will give you an expansive knowledge of food storage. If you have questions, shoot me an email at lisa @thesurvivalmom.com

20+ Foods That Must Be Repackaged for Long-Term Storage

A Famine Menu: A Bare-Bones Food Storage Plan

Food Storage Can Sizes: When to go big, when to go small

Food Storage: Where do I begin?

Is Your Food Storage Plan Missing These 6 Essential Pieces?

Is Your Food Storage Safe?

Simple Food Storage Meals for Tight Times

The 3 Food Storage Companies I Recommend, and Why

The 15 Commandments of Food Storage

The Nitty Gritty of Food Storage Packaging

The Top 10 Foods to NOT Store

13 Food Storage Resolutions

Top 10 Foods For Stocking Up

Here’s a wild assortment of lists related to food storage. As you read my blog, you’ll notice that I have a thing for lists!

You can also do a search on my blog for “food storage” and find even more resources.

Food Storage video tutorials

I’ve divided a well-rounded food storage pantry into three layers. Layer 1 should consist of familiar foods purchased at grocery stores. Layer 2 should be made up of bulk, individual ingredients, and Layer 3 should be a selection of just-add-water meals. Learn more by watching these tutorials.

Layer 1 Tutorial

Layer 2 Tutorial

Layer 3 Tutorial

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  1. Loved your email today about 24 food storage fires (out of 36,000 (per FDA)). So not a big deal. Finally someone else who sees the truth about these manipulations.

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