52 Weeks Savings Plans Free Printables

52 Weeks Savings Plan

Here is the basic chart for the savings plan. You’ll be able to track your savings for all 52 weeks during the year.

Savings Chart (black & white)

Savings Chart (color)

Is your income unpredictable, bi-weekly, or monthly? If so, this chart may not be quite what you’re looking for. My ebook, “The Complete Guide to The 52 Weeks Savings Plan”, contains additional printable charts for other ways to save:
  • Bi-Weekly Savings Chart
  • Monthly Savings Chart
  • Reverse Savings Chart (Begin with Week 52 in January.)
  • Kids Savings Chart
  • Christmas Gift Card Tracking Chart
Plus, you’ll get dozens of suggestions and tips for making this savings plan work for you, even during weeks when money is extra tight. The book includes a self-assessment to help you customize the 52 Week Savings Plan to insure success.