VIDEO: Home Fire Safety with The Survival Mom

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One of my favorite tasks as The Survival Mom is compiling the best information, the best advice, and the best resources for my readers.

In this video, I discuss home fire safety and multiple ways you can prepare your home and your family for an event that is surely a worst-case scenario.

I’d also love to share with you my Home Fire Safety Checklist that you can request at this link.

You’ll also want to learn about another layer of safety you can add to any home, business, school, or building — the Smoke Shield.  This innovation provides protection when exit from a burning building is impossible.

Imagine for a moment that you’ve realized your home is on fire and the cloud of smoke and flames prevent you from reaching an exit. The Smoke Shield will provide safe breathable air for up to an hour when it’s installed in a closet or other small space. It activates automatically when smoke is detected and begins filtering toxic, smoke-filled air into safe air that will help you survive.

Read about the Smoke Shield, which is currently in its crowdfunding stage.

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