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2021 caught many people unprepared -- were you one of them?

Being prepped and ready for the next crisis can be complicated, expensive, and confusing unless you have a hands-on and practical plan to follow.

With Survival Mom, prepping is as easy as following the simple To Do tasks and tips in her newest Prepping Calendar.

Lisa Bedford, the Survival Mom, has simplified your 2022 prepping with her new prepping calendar. Printed on super-heavy, glossy cardstock, prepping has never been easier or more practical.

  • Over 180 To Do tasks so you’ll know exactly what to stock up on and how to save money on preps.
  • Survival Mom’s Book of the Month includes some of the best titles that teach a survival mindset in entertaining, fictional formats.
  • Take regular “mental health breaks” with Lisa’s reminders to be good to yourself!
  • Be ready for the next season, the next weather emergency.
  • Gain confidence with each task you complete!

Ever wish you had a prepper coach right beside you?

This is an urgent time to get your home and family prepared for disasters. After 2020 — the pandemic, the riots, the political chaos — we’ve all learned the importance of being prepped.

No one is making fun of preppers anymore!

The problem with prepping, though, is that it’s hard to remember to do it! And, it’s hard to break down the overwhelming job of prepping into small, manageable tasks.

Lisa Bedford, the Survival Mom, has simplified your 2021 prepping with her new wall calendar. Printed on super-heavy, glossy cardstock, you get simple and frugal prepping tasks each week of the month.

Choose the version that's best for you -- the beautiful full-color wall calendar OR the digital version. Download the digital version of Lisa's calendar, and have immediate access to all of Lisa's tips and To-Do's!

Love my Prepping Calendars!
~Tracy B.

This calendar saves me a lot of time, energy, and money. It gives me ideas for things to do that never occurred to me! ~Rene M.

Let Survival Mom help you get your family and home ready for 2022.

Every week throughout the year, you’ll have simple, timely tasks right at your fingertips.

A fun bonus is the Survival Mom Book of the Month — survival-based books selected personally by Lisa. It’s an enjoyable way to learn how others in survival situations maintained a survival mindset, along with practical insights of their strategies.

The gorgeous wall calendar is printed on glossy, heavy-duty cardstock, with a wire binding. At 11″x 8.5″, it’s the perfect size for any room in the house, a college dorm, or office.

For about the price of a fast-food meal for two people, this full color, heavy cardstock wall calendar can be yours — and, it makes a fantastic gift for anyone!

Enjoy Survival Mom tips all year long as you make steady progress toward a better-prepared home and family.

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I have bought the Survival Mom Prepping Calendar for the past couple of years. It keeps me organized and on track with my daily schedule and preps. The monthly reminder tips are so helpful on staying prepared. I wouldn’t buy any other calendar. ~Tonna J.

"I buy this calendar every year and go back to past weeks to find preps I've forgotten to do!" ~Jenny L.

"The Survival Mom's Prepping Calendar has kept me on track with my planning and preparedness journey throughout the year. I especially love the reminder tips from Lisa each week. Can't wait to get mine for next year!" ~Mitzi D.

Let's get prepped and ready for 2022!

Looking back on 2021, the year presented more challenges than any of us could have predicted.

Continued Covid-19 regulations, vaccine controversies, inflation, and product shortages caused even the most prepared to take a step back and say, “Are we really prepared enough?”

It was a TOUGH YEAR!

In 2022, I want to help you be at peace and know for sure that you and your family are better prepared than ever before.

When you have my Prepping Calendar with my simple tips and To Do’s at your fingertips, you’ll discover how easy it is to prepare for the next emergency.