Nobody said it was easy preparing your family for emergencies...

...but nobody said you had to do it all on your own, either!

If you've had enough with being nervous about world events, worried about the family budget, shortages, and wondering how you can possibly create the safe, cozy, and prepared home for your family, I'm here to help!

Hi! I'm Lisa Bedford, the Survival Mom.

The  most natural thing in the world for a mom is to worry about her family. I totally get that!

In fact, if you’re reading this, you get it, too!

Like me, you want to create a home that is prepared to weather even the worst events, and be as self-reliant as possible.

I’m here to help you do that with these bundles of training and resources!

I’m the author of the best-selling family survival manual, Survival Mom, and editor of The Survival Mom blog. I’ve helped thousands of families around the world learn how to create resilient families and homes, ready to weather any storm.

Nothing makes me happier than reaching out to women around the world with the message, “You don’t have to be a victim in a crisis when you know what to do and you’re prepared!”

With my Survival & Self-Reliance Bundles, you’ll get the tools you need to identify where your family is most vulnerable and then know exactly what steps to take so your home is a secure and cozy refuge.

Each bundle includes videos and printables never before offered to the public in three timely themes:

  • ==> The Prepping Pathway bundle
  • ==> Recession-Ready bundle
  • ==> The Ultimate Worst-Case Scenario bundle

Each bundle is chock full of resources and is priced at $117 each. Read on for all the details…

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What you get in this bundle

3 full courses, printables, and BONUS!

$117 for everything!
VALUE: $218

Step-by-Step, this bundle gets you completely ready!

Fast Track Prepping

A best-selling Survival Mom course with 4 video lessons and detailed instructions for getting everything prepped and ready for the next crisis. You get a 60+ page workbook and 3 weekly planners to help you know exactly what to do!

VALUE: $67
Transform your Family Into a Prepping Team

Ever feel totally alone in prepping but not sure how to get the family interested and involved? What if you had a plan to get everyone actively involved in fun activities and knew how to assign tasks and team roles? This video comes with plenty of suggestions, including creative activities for kids.

VALUE: $67
How to Create Your Own Prepper Community

Ever wonder how you could become part of a prepper community with people you trust? This video lesson explains the pros and cons of such communities and then gives you practical steps and activities so you can begin putting your own community together this weekend!

VALUE: $27


Never before offered, this is Survival Mom's maximum collection of printable guides, checklists, worksheets, conversion charts, and more!

VALUE: $57

What you get in this bundle

7 Video Lessons, Printables & BONUS

Just $117
Value $251

Create a home and family that's ready for any crisis and build financial stability.

Here's what you get...

Dollar Store Prepping

If you can get to a dollar store, you can start prepping! See actual dollar store purchases that add to an emergency food storage pantry, a stash of household products, and more. Plenty of clever, money-saving tips, too.

VALUE: $27
Budget-Friendly Strategies with Freeze-Dried Food

There’s a reason so many prepping and survival experts recommend freeze-dried food for emergencies. It’s long-lasting, tasty, and versatile. And, it can be expensive. This video lesson guides you through the sometimes confusing maze of these foods (can sizes, pricing, varieties), and gives you tips for stocking up on a tight budget.

VALUE: $27
Super-Frugal Food Storage Workshop

You can load up your emergency food storage with buckets of beans and rice, but what if there was a simpler and just-as-frugal way to stock up that provides your family with delicious meals? Follow Lisa’s plan here to stock up quickly and on a budget.

VALUE: $27
Creating Income Streams: A dozen different ideas!

More and more people have come to realize that the secret to surviving an economic collapse or a personal financial crisis is twofold.  First, decrease your expenses as much as possible, and second, find ways to bring in more income. In this video, Lisa shares dozens of different ways to find a secondary income source suited to your skills and knowledge.

VALUE: $27
Smart Steps in Financial Planning

Join Lisa and her guest financial planner, Cameron Merville, in this 52-minute conversation about establishing and growing a prepper-minded financial foundation and the smartest decisions you can make right now with your money.

VALUE: $27
The Pros and Cons of Precious Metals as a Prep

Precious metals can be a part of your overall prepping plan if you know what to buy and whether or not it’s the best decision for you.

VALUE: $27
Yard Sale Prepping

You’ll be amazed at some of the frugal finds you’ll come across at yard/garage sales and even thrift stores. Know what you’re looking for by using the printable shopping list for yard/garage sales, estate sales, and thrift stores. Look for quality and make sure you’re getting a good price. 

VALUE: $27

BUNDLE BONUS: Fill your digital library with these four ebooks!

  • How to Turn Your Skill Set into Real Money
  • Survival Mom’s Best Frugal Prepping Tips
  • Simple & Frugal Herbal Remedies
  • The Complete 52 Weeks Savings Plan Handbook

This collection alone covers it all — prepping on a tight budget, discovering new ways to add income to your household, handling simple ailments with inexpensive herbal remedies, and then, instructions for a methodical way to build a nest egg!

VALUE: $52


What you get in this bundle

9 video lessons, printables, and BONUS!

Price: $117
VALUE: $257

With the right information and common sense strategies, you can prepare for the worst.

Worst-Case Scenario Communications

There’s nothing more terrifying than not being able to get in touch with a loved one. Immediately, a mom or dad begins to worry. In this video lesson, learn different strategies for staying in touch via a family communications plan, a schedule, a secure email system, and more.

VALUE: $27
How to Avoid the Fake News Trap & Get Reliable Information

Whether or not you and your loved ones remain safe in a major crisis may depend on the quality of information you receive. How close is the wildfire and is it time to evacuate? How serious is this new flu strand and should you be concerned? There are so many instances in which you have no choice but to rely on news sources, which is why it’s more important than ever to know who you can believe in.

VALUE: $27
Pandemic Prepping

Flu season. Covid. Norovirus. Outbreaks of measles, mumps — there’s even been an outbreak of salmonella among pet hedgehogs!  This video lesson will help you gear up for an outbreak of something as simple as the spreading of flu in a classroom of kindergarteners to something much more serious.

VALUE: $27
How to Shelter in Place -- Without Going Insane!

Reports in early 2020 of a viral pandemic originating in China brought the topic of shelter-in-place into mainstream public discussions. This lesson takes a deep dive into making the decision to shelter in place, when it’s best to stay put and when it’s time to bug out. You’ll learn about 3 different types of shelter-in-place scenarios and then get instructions for setting up a safe room and a quarantine room.

VALUE: $27
How to Survive an Economic Collapse

One worst case scenario we can all relate to is an economic collapse. Even if you’ve just experienced a job loss or a major financial setback, you get an idea of what a collapse might look and feel like — millions out of work, shuttered businesses, failing banks, and a government desperate to do anything to stay afloat even at the expense of its citizens. Learn what a real-life collapse looks like and what lessons can be gleaned from the experiences of others.

VALUE: $27
Civil Unrest Survival

Groups of people can be triggered and turn into an ugly, violent mob at a moment’s notice. Peaceful protests often become violent due to perceived injustice, failure of leadership, financial malpractice by our government and banks, and just about any unpopular decision made by a governing body. Learn what to look for and how to escape if you’re ever trapped in a mob.

VALUE: $27
Prepping Project: Paint Can EMP Kit

A surge of electrical power from an EMP or a Coronal Mass Ejection could damage your precious communications equipment. This very simple paint can vault will protect things like handheld ham radios, an antenna, batteries, a shortwave radio, and so on.

VALUE: $17
How Preserving Technology Can Help You Survive in a Post-EMP World

It may seem pointless to protect electronics and other technology from an EMP or other event. However, technology can make the difference between life and death. A simple cellphone can be loaded with thousands of pages of medical information, and an old digital camera might contain the only remnants left of a pre-EMP life. This video explains why it’s important to protect certain electronics and gives a simple-to-follow project for a basic Faraday container.

VALUE: $27
EMP: Myth vs. Reality

The odds of an EMP attack upon the United States are unknown, but for sure, out of all possible worst-case-scenarios, this one is the scariest. A destroyed power grid, months or years with little electricity, and survivors trying to make it through just one more day. This video lesson explains the facts of an EMP and other threats to the power grid and examines what is true and what is largely fiction.

VALUE: $27


Keep all your bundle resources, ebooks, links, and more in this digital planner created exclusively for the Ultimate Worst Case Scenario Bundle!

Value: $45

Have important documents, pdfs, ebooks, To Do lists, inventories, and more right at your fingertips, both online and on your smartphone!

Even though I have been prepping for over a year, your training helped answer some of my questions and gave me information that will help me going forward. I really appreciate the organized and easy to understand way in which you presented this topic!!!

Robin P.

Thank you, Lisa, for helping us to move forward quickly!

Stephanie R.

This was really good training! And so relevant! Thank you!

Catherine M.

I knew we were lacking in areas, but this sure did help bring the "what" we're lacking to the front! Thanks, Ms. Lisa!

Kathy H.

I was feeling so overwhelmed about an emp. I just figured we would be out of luck. I am sighing for relief right now. Thanks, Lisa, for your well-rounded research!!

Marianne D.

This is my 2nd round of lessons with Survival, wait, my 3rd...and I am always reminded of a vital piece of information that demands attention...loving this empowerment.

Dorothy B.

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