This Boston mom was ready for the worst

I received this email tonight, and it really touched my heart. Thank you, Laura.

Dear Lisa,

I wanted to reach out to you because I found your website last fall when I was bracing for a hurricane and had a 3 week old. I had not thought before he arrived about what to do in an emergency. But since

image by Ed Yourdon

image by Ed Yourdon

finding you I have slowly begun to change some things for long term storage and safety for my family.

We have since been through a blizzard that had us stuck indoors for several days, and last Friday, we were sequestered unexpectedly in our home for 15 hours due to the Boston bombing manhunt. It hit very close to home emotionally and physically, but, I was prepared, thanks in part to you.

Since the fall, I have begun stocking up on water and have a freeze dried food delivery each month. I have also made a list of items I want to have on hand for “green living” such as a solar oven, and have begun requesting these items for holiday and birthday presents, etc. I have stocked up my emergency kit supplies in the hall closet and continue to discuss with my husband different scenarios of where we would go if we needed to leave our home in an emergency.

We have friends and neighbors who were caught off guard on Friday, with empty cabinets, a sense of helplessness, and they were worried about being stuck in their homes for days. In my family, that was one less thing to worry about amidst all the chaos of the day. I am truly grateful to you for your dedication to helping others be safe. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Namaste, Laura

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  1. Jim says

    Hi Laura
    As someone who was on the scene, I wonder what you think about the lockdown and martial law. Can you give us your perspective?

    To me, seeing the storm troopers going door-to-door forcing people out of their homes at gunpoint was more frightening than the 19 yr old on the loose..

    • Katrina says

      Yes, please reply to Jim’s comment when you have the chance. I am also very concerned about this. Thank you, Laura.

    • Linda in Mass says

      I do not live in Boston, I live in the southern part of the state. The stay in place was a suggestion, not a mandatory order. Businesses closed due to the suggestion not an order. Yes, subway service was suspended and taxi service was stopped but people could still move around. I don’t want there to be a misunderstanding. There was no martial law.

      My daughter was at a school that was in lockdown but she could still walk outside and go to the dining hall. She had more than enough food in her dorm room had she wished to stay in the room. Had she truly wanted to leave the campus, she would have been granted that leave.

      It was not martial law…just a suggestion to help the police find the suspect in a small area. People where out and about outside of the little area that was being searched.

      During our blizzard earlier in the year, there was a state of emergency where we could not be on the roads to help work crews and emergency vehicles to clean up. If you needed to get on the roads, you can. I have never heard of anyone getting arrested or fined for being on the roads during a state of emergency. Again, it was a precaution. I was happy that I, too had enough food and water to deal with 4 days of no electricity. It’s good to always be prepared.

      • PodResistor says

        Gosh, Linda in mass, I don’t know what your idea of martial law is, but it looked that way to me. Scary stuff what with the cops pointing guns at parents and their children, no warrant home invasions, and I feel sorry for the people who couldn’t go to work because their employer “voluntarily” closed. Having some preps would be beneficial to get over those humps.
        I read they were doing similar local lockdowns out West. This is getting to be a trend.

        • PodResistor says

          I thought of The Survival Mom blog when I read these bits:

          “It’s never “consensual” when the person asking you for something has a gun in his hand.”


          “If the government can order us to stay in our homes, it looks like it can throw us out of them any time it wants… at the point of a gun.”

          Here’s where those quotes came from:

          Scary stuff.
          Scary implications.
          Being prepared makes it just a smidgen less scary.

          • S.Lynn says

            We just had a murder in Valley Springs. 9 year old girl was stabbed to death by a man. The police were going house to house to search. Also searching vehicles in the area. I’ve said it many times “come back with a warrant” in comments and get slammed by others saying if I had a daughter who was killed I’d want the police to do unwarranted searches. Absolutely not! We’re giving up our rights little by little. Some day we’ll look back and say “WTF happened?”. I need to get one of those entry mats with that saying “Come Back With A Warrant”.

      • Jim says

        You Tube has videos of military and police units forcing people out of their homes at gunpoint, ordering, “hands on your head”.

        I was wondering what would happen if you simply did not answer the door when they came?

        I suppose they would break down the front door and arrest you. But what would be the charge?

      • Lynda says

        Linda in MA, correct. There was no martial law during this incident nor was there martial law imposed during the blizzard. Another Lynda in MA.

  2. Quartae says

    I am very happy to know your family is safe and well. What service are you using for your monthly freeze-dried food deliveries? I have been looking for something like that. Thank you for the information.

  3. 295linda says

    If you invest in a good quality dehydrator (such as the Excalibur) and a good quality vacuum sealer (such as Food Saver) that has a port and get the attachments for vacuum sealing canning jars you can dehydrate all types of fresh, frozen or canned fruits and vegetables and then store them in oxygen-free air-tight containers at a fraction of the cost of buying those #10 cans of dried foods from mail order companies. Keep in mind that unless you are filling the #10 cans yourself at the local LDS cannery, those mail order companies are filling their #10 cans by weight not volume. Open up one of those cans of something expensive like bell peppers or raspberries and you will be shocked by the amount of empty space in the can (and wasted space in your food storage area). Your food prep dollars will go a lot farther if you do your own dehydrating and vacuum canning.

  4. charley says

    You just never know when you are going to have to shelter in place due to weather or an emergency. You just never know when you are going to be told to bug out/evacuate due to flooding or a local fertalizer plant fire and explosion. Life is uncertain. Being prepared gives the piece of mind to know that you can handle most situations without the stress and panic.
    I could shut my doors right now and be fine for months. I could also be completely ready to pull out of the driveway within 10 minutes and live out of my van for weeks if necessary.
    Hopefully I never have to do either. But knowing I could gives me power.

  5. Stealth Spaniel says

    This woman’s letter just proves how valuable it is to have Lisa and her Survival Mom website available! I did prepare as I grew up in California with earthquakes, riots, gas lines blowing up, etc. But I would never be as far ahead in my thinking as I am with Survival Mom. What I have learned from this site is amazing. I feel that as women, we bear a special burden of providing a “normal” life in any emergency. Or as normal as it can be. Being prepared helps me feel calm and in control.

  6. Shannon Micci says

    I too live in the Boston area, and it was very scary around here. We actually had a suspicious package near the local college and the Bourne and Sagamore bridge were shut down from other reason too.

  7. Heather says

    I can see why the police did what they did going door to door, but at the same time it scares me to see how compliant everyone was. The fact that some people are reporting they were told it was just a test, makes me wonder if it was just a test, and were they testing how much people would comply, and how much they could get away with?
    Mind you this is the view of someone who is on the outside. I wasn’t there. I don’t even live in the USA but I see your rights being slowly wittled away and everyone is complying because it is for “National Security”. If you question it you hate the USA or a jealous of the USA and are hiding something.

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