The secret of the grace period

Have you ever been late on a house payment?  Boy, I have and was so grateful for the mortgage company’s grace period.  If I miss my payment on the first of the month, I have until the 15th to make my payment without paying a penalty.

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I love the concept.  Grace period.  It’s that little bit of time past a deadline in which you aren’t punished for your forgetfulness, foolishness, or empty wallet.  You have a little more time to make the payment, get the money together, or just gather your wits.

In a recent interview with the Outback Doc, he made a passing comment that we are living in a grace period.  I couldn’t agree more.  A Day of Reckoning is coming, but until then, we can prepare, prepare, prepare and do our best to mitigate the impact that Day will have on ourselves and our families.  How do I know that day is coming? Consider these stats:

  • During 2011, U.S. debt surpassed by 100% our GDP (Gross Domestic Product) for the first time ever in history.
  • The unemployment rate for young people is downright depressing.  Depending on where you live, it’s more than 20% and in some places as high as 33%.
  • The poverty level in the suburbs has climbed:

In the wake of the Great Recession, poverty rolls are rising at a more rapid pace in the suburbs than in cities or rural communities. Between 2000 and 2010, the number of suburban households below the poverty line increased by 53 percent, compared to a 23 percent increase in poor households in urban areas, according to a Brookings Institution analysis of census data.

  • The official unemployment number in the U.S. hasn’t been below 9% since 2009, and unofficial numbers say it is now well over 15% since the official number relies on how many people are receiving unemployment benefits.  This article states that most of those who are unemployed are no longer eligible for benefits.

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But the best indicator of what is happening with our economy is your own observations.  What do you see in your part of the country?  Are you seeing “Help Wanted” signs everywhere and full sections of jobs available in the classifieds?  Are new businesses and restaurants opening or do you see one after the other closing their doors?  What is the vacancy rate in the strip malls that you drive by every day?  Are families dropping out of costly extracurricular activities for their kids or is business booming for music teachers, dance studios, and tutors?

It’s not a hurricane, earthquake, tsunami, or blizzard that will take down the United States.  It’s the oncoming and irreversible economic disaster, the likes of which have never been seen.  So, until that Day comes, we’re enjoying a period of grace, to prepare or not.  It’s our choice, and our blessing.

It is urgent, so very urgent, that we utilize this period of grace to prepare.  No one knows exactly what the penalty will be, except that it will be unlike anything we have ever known before.  Even in the tightest of times, I’ve never had to go out to local parks and look for dandelions to pick, cook, and serve to my family because there was no food in the house.  Since the unknown remains unknown (imagine that!), we just prepare.  Stock up on things you know are vital to survival, such as food, medicine, water, good quality tools, fuel, seeds, and even clothing. Learn how to make things, fix things, and do things that will help your family survive.  Consider your safety when most of the people around you have nothing and will do anything to get what they need.  How might you actually earn money during a time like this?

And be grateful.  Give thanks to God if you’re a person of faith, for this period of grace because when it’s over, it’s over.


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  1. says

    I agree with this article in the sense that feels like a grace period if you are not in the hot soup – yet! A family man who hasn't worked in three years and has a family to support already knows the reality of the new America. Others are still oblivious. Me? I moved overseas to avoid this entire ongoing implosion as much as possible. Life is fine here in Asia.

  2. Lynda says

    How long this grace period lasts is anybody's guess but the time to ready ourselves is right now. I wish more people would pay attention. Great article.

  3. Mike says

    Nice article and great point it is like the period of time between the crisis point in 2008 and the bigger depression. What about buying and owning guns and ammunition? That's important to mention here.

  4. Dexter Diller says

    Doomsday Article. Bury our heads in the sand. Better yet, Suicide so that we don't have to face the Delemmas at The End. Just don't do it near my house. I don't want to smell the stink of The End of the World minority that want us to think in the majority. Many of us have degressed to have the dollar store mentality where Wal-Mart is an upgrade to life. If you really want to believe in reasons of hope and promise, start a small business and hire two employees. Spend at least 75% of your disposal income on AMERICAN PRODUCED goods and not American companies outsourcing their production to China or third world countries. Buy an American produced automobile. Make or sell something that people really want. And donate 10% of your net gains to charity or church.

    Finally, listen but do not believe that world is ending, we need guns and ammo (hunting or killing?) and two years of supplies hidden in our confines. The End is not the solution to anything. The Beginning is Now if you are really concerned. Do something in your community to make it a nicer place to be.

    • TheSurvivalMom says

      Your comment is quite confusing. Are you saying that the article is instructing people to bury their heads in the sand? I don\’t get it. However, you got one thing right. Doomsday, or whatever you want to call it, has already hit millions of American families in the form of long-term unemployment. A big portion of our middle class is becoming the lower class, and a permanent underclass will threaten the economic health of our country for years to come. Recognizing that and trying to prepare for it, either by storing food or looking for alternative ways to earn money, as you suggest, are options that have been discussed on this website for a long time.

  5. says

    I just hope our grace period lasts a little longer….few more items on my "prepper needs" list!
    We'd survive if the bottom fell out tomorrow, but like most preppers, I doubt I'll ever feel 100% ready.

  6. says

    I have seen a few more "Help Wanted" signs around my neck of the woods.


    They are ALL for low paying hourly non-skilled jobs. No career jobs. Nothing professional or even semi-professional.

    A job is not a job. Under-employment is just as bad as no employment to the economy (as well as your personal station in life).

  7. jannie says

    Good article. Funny you should mention picking dandelion leaves. I do just that – along with violet leaves, plantain, etc for salads, on burgers, etc. They’re actually quite nice, and anything that helps cut the grocery budget is a good thing! Not to mention the nutrients in freshly picked greens!

  8. says

    My daughter’s in-laws are now homeless. Two days ago they were told by their mortgage company they had 48 hours to get out. They live in Michigan where the economy is so very bad. I have a friend here in the Pacific Northwest having the same thing around the corner. I have noticed a new travel trailer community simply booming. I am beginning to wonder if people are slipping from middle class into an almost homeless poverty. I am feeling the urgency as well to get as prepared as I can as quick as I can.

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