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Prioritize Your Preparedness Purchases Posted:May 23, 2010 By:The Survival Mom

Prioritize Your Preparedness Purchases

A guest post by Liz Long. It’s easy to focus on just one area of preparedness and to only buy the things that can easily be picked up during your regular shopping trips.  That’s an important [...]

5 Dollar Preps – You CAN Afford to Prepare Posted:May 18, 2010 By:The Survival Mom

5 Dollar Preps – You CAN Afford to Prepare

Guest Post by Lucas: aspiring survivalist/prepper, Eagle Scout, and blogger on his site SurvivalCache where he writes survival gear reviews, tips, and ideas. “I can’t afford to” is definitely the number one excuse people use for [...]

Survival Survey:  Where do you stash your stuff? Posted:May 17, 2010 By:The Survival Mom

Survival Survey: Where do you stash your stuff?

Have you ever had an extra room in your home that you didn’t know what to do with?  No?  Well, neither did we until we moved into our current home.  We have a fourth bedroom that [...]

Posted:February 14, 2010 By:The Survival Mom

Have a Baby? Be Prepared!

Another outstanding entry in my List of Lists contest was submitted by  Thanks, Lori, for providing a list of must-haves for families with babies.  Some of us who no longer have babies, waah!, don’t always [...]

Posted:February 12, 2010 By:The Survival Mom

Clothing Your Favorite Weeds (aka your kids)

There were so many great entries in our first List of Lists contest that I had a very difficult time deciding on the top three.  After reading each entry multiple times, I’m pleased to announce that [...]

Posted:February 10, 2010 By:The Survival Mom

You Can Prep for $5

Far more threatening than a natural disaster, civil unrest or a terrorist attack, is a much more likely calamity for American families: job loss.  Once more, nearly a half million Americans lost their job last month, and the unemployment [...]

Posted:January 09, 2010 By:The Survival Mom

INSTANT SURVIVAL TIP: Paper or plastic?

How quickly would your kids line up to do the dishes if all they had to do was throw them in a campfire?  Doing dishes would instantly become the most popular chore in the house!  This would [...]

Posted:December 29, 2009 By:The Survival Mom

INSTANT SURVIVAL TIP: Beware the addict’s high!

It’s official.  I’m addicted to prepping.  No longer can I enter a store of any type and not look for bargains for my food storage, 72 Hour Kits or just basic preparedness.  Whether it’s an all-time [...]

Posted:December 04, 2009 By:The Survival Mom

INSTANT SURVIVAL TIP: Add Non-Edibles to Your Stash the Smart Way

Food storage is a topic that has been thoroughly covered in websites, blogs and books, but how are you doing with your non-edible storage?  You can read a handy list here of ten items to have [...]

Posted:September 01, 2009 By:The Survival Mom

Some Put Their Trust in Stockpiled Food

Some trust in chariots, and some in horses, but we will remember the name of the Lord our God.    Psalm 20:7 For some time now I have been thinking about where I put my faith.  I’ve [...]