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Posted:August 19, 2011 By:The Survival Mom

Forever foods and your food storage pantry

The original list, “10 cooking staples that can outlast you“, was written by Laura Moss.  It’s great info for anyone stocking up on food and would make a good addition to your Survival Mom Binder.  The [...]

Posted:August 08, 2011 By:The Survival Mom

The 6 Enemies of Food Storage

Stocking up on food gets expensive, and every frugal bone in my body shudders at the thought of anything going to waste.  I try to store everything in the best possible conditions and watch out for [...]

Posted:August 06, 2011 By:Liz Long

Survival Survey: In defense of ‘frivolous’ items

There have been more than a couple of times that people have posted here about stocking up on 5 Hour Energy drinks, chocolate, coffee and other similar “luxury” items only to have one or more people [...]

Finding Survival Bargains At Yard Sales and Flea Markets Posted:January 28, 2011 By:The Survival Mom

Finding Survival Bargains At Yard Sales and Flea Markets

Guest post by M.D. Creekmore One of the things, I enjoy most about summer is shopping the various swap meets, flea markets and yard sales. In my area when the weather starts to warm the flea [...]

Survival Shopping at Costco Posted:November 09, 2010 By:The Survival Mom

Survival Shopping at Costco

I’m sure you all have figured out by now that I’m a huge fan of survival “literature”.  I own just about every survival manual out there and love watching all the hard-core survivalist videos on YouTube.  [...]

Save money, time & space.  Here’s how! Posted:October 10, 2010 By:The Survival Mom

Save money, time & space. Here’s how!

Stocking a 72 Hour Kit and your long-term food supply doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.  Some of the most essential items are the least expensive and have multiple uses.  Let’s take a look [...]

INSTANT SURVIVAL TIP: The Mega-Prepping Option Posted:October 04, 2010 By:The Survival Mom

INSTANT SURVIVAL TIP: The Mega-Prepping Option

Do you know how much toothpaste your family uses in a month?  How about toilet paper, laundry soap, and peanut butter?  All of these items, and hundreds more, are consumed each year and should be part [...]

Bartering for fun & survival Posted:July 16, 2010 By:The Survival Mom

Bartering for fun & survival

If our economy ever does collapse and the dollars we’ve saved become worthless, one thing is for sure:  a system of bartering will emerge, along with a black market.  As you stock up on food and [...]

Sea Salt – An Indispensable Commodity for Uncertain Times Posted:May 26, 2010 By:The Survival Mom

Sea Salt – An Indispensable Commodity for Uncertain Times

By Roxanne Griswold, Ready Made Resources When we think about setting aside emergency supplies, most of us would agree that preserved food and purified water are the essentials and everything else is secondary to these. Some [...]

Prioritize Your Preparedness Purchases Posted:May 23, 2010 By:The Survival Mom

Prioritize Your Preparedness Purchases

A guest post by Liz Long. It’s easy to focus on just one area of preparedness and to only buy the things that can easily be picked up during your regular shopping trips.  That’s an important [...]