Skill of the Month: Switch from store-bought to homemade

Switch from store bought to homemade for a multitude of products you use every day. It's healthier and smarter! | via

If you are a hard-core prepper or survivalist, you may be wondering why our first 2 Skills of the Month aren't all about ways to stock up on food, reload ammo, or tan hides. Why did I choose Getting Organized and now, Switch from Store-Bought to ... Read More

Survival Mom’s Top News Stories of 2014, with Tips for Preppers!

Survival Stories 2014

  2014 was the year the unthinkable happened when the Ebola virus entered the United States and millions of Americans scrambled to buy face masks and bottles of bleach. It was the year that more and more Americans saw their incomes ... Read More

16 Non-Traditional Containers For Your Bug Out Bag/Emergency Kit


When it comes to selecting a bag for an emergency kit, many of us veer in the direction of tactical looking backpacks, or any type of backpack at all. And, it's no wonder. A good backpack will have multiple pockets and pouches to help organize your ... Read More

5 Dollar Preps – You CAN Afford to Prepare

5 dollar preps FB

“I can't afford to” is definitely the number one excuse people use for not prepping. They believe this because they read about someone who has a $20,000 dollar gun collection and a basement filled with a 10 year supply of freeze dried food. That is ... Read More

20+ Foods that must be re-packaged for long-term storage and how to repackage them

long term storage food header

As a follow-up to my blog post about which foods you shouldn't plan on storing long-term, here's a list of foods typically found at grocery stores that can be stored but must be repackaged. Keep in mind, that by repackaging these foods you will ... Read More