Food Storage Grains: An inexpensive calorie with lots of versatility

Cereal grains

Grains are a fantastic staple for any food storage pantry. Food storage grains provide a variety of nutrients and are typically one of the least expensive calories you can purchase (after sugar and drink mixes). Yet, many people I’ve worked with ... Read More

Happy, Healthy, & Prepared — A FREE Ebook For You!

Happy Healthy and Prepared ebook

The Survival Mom Radio Network produced over 700 shows during its very successful run. We aren't producing new episodes now, but together, the hosts contributed to a handy ebook with tips for homesteading, survival, family life, and more. That ... Read More

The 3 Food Storage Companies I Recommend and Why — Important Update

Survival Mom recommends these 3 food storage companies.

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about the 3 food storage companies that I purchase from the most and sent it to my newsletter subscribers. Since then, I've received numerous questions about my selections and the best food storage company to use, ... Read More