The 12 Days of Christmas: Day 2, Read All About It!

image by stuartpilbrow

image by stuartpilbrow

Our kids always look forward to unpacking our collection of holiday books.  During the month of December, we keep them in a basket in the family room, ready for a read-aloud or a quiet read-alone.   This is the season to enjoy some really terrific books as a family.  Trust me.  Your kids will love a nightly reading time as they cuddle up in blankets, nibble on popcorn or cookies and listen to Mom or Dad read.

If you don’t have many, or any, holiday books, you can visit the library, borrow from friends, download on Kindle, or purchase.  Any day now, your library’s shelves will be emptied of every book related to Hanukkah and Christmas, so don’t wait!  Grab your library card and make a book run!  Not surprisingly, Amazon has a huge selection with prices generally lower than bookstores.

One more way to enjoy these books for free is to use your library’s electronic audiobooks.  Depending on the book, you can either download it onto your computer, turn up the volume, and listen, or burn your own CDs. You can read all the details here.

The nice thing about these books is that they never get old.  We read them only during the month of December, and pack them away until next year.  Here are a few books my kids have been enjoying for years.

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  1. lrod says

    My daughter and I have a special Christmas book that I saved from my childhood. I got it when I was 3 years old. Even though my 'little' girl is almost ten, she still loves for me to read stories to her from "The Animals' Merry Christmas."

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