Survive the Coming Storm, a book review

My library of preparedness and survival books is growing by leaps and bounds.  Recently I had the chance to read blogger Ray Gano’s book, Survive the Coming Storm and am glad to have it on my bookshelf.

Ray writes from the perspective of a Christian and a guy, naturally, and this book is ideal for men, in particular, who are fairly new to the idea of preparedness.  It’s not that the book doesn’t contain any “advanced” information but because Ray does a very good job of first laying out why it’s important to prepare.  I’ve always said that awareness has to come before action, and this book does a very good job of taking the reader step by step through the complicated series of events that have brought us to the point of feeling the need to buy buckets of wheat and freeze dried food.

Interwoven with sound advice and specific examples of preparedness, Ray shares his own experiences and how he and his wife, Tracye, became hard-core preppers.  Like many of us, their prepper story began with Hurricane Katrina.  Living only two hours from the Gulf Coast, Ray’s tells the story of straggling into Walmart the night before Katrina hit and finding a store stripped of nearly every useful good.  It was nice to know that even those of us with preparedness backgrounds and mindsets can sometimes be caught unaware by a gathering storm.

Survive the Coming Storm continues with specific advice of what foods to store and what has worked well for Ray and his family. One feature that will appeal to most men is the 50+ pages of information and advice about weapons.  Ray has told me that he’s, “a knife guy,” thus Chapter 7: A Few Words About Knives.  Most readers will appreciate his recommendations of specific brands and models of both firearms and knives as well as tips for using and concealing them.

It’s always interesting to read the perspectives and experiences of others because when it comes to survival, no two individuals or families are exactly alike.  A food storage plan that works perfectly for one person might be woefully inadequate or over the top for others.  That’s one of the values of this book.  Ray’s approach to survival is based on everyday products and simple tactics.  It doesn’t leave the reader thinking, “We don’t live like this at all!”

Ray Gano’s Survive the Coming Storm provides a comprehensive response to the questions, “Why should we prepare?” and “What do you think is going to happen in the future?”   It’s foundational to understand the need to prepare and what one should be prepared for.   You’ll find plenty of helpful tips for getting the most out of your food dehydrator and some very creative ideas for foraging for food using Google Maps, which make the book even more helpful.

This book is very readable at 211 pages and can be purchased at Ray’s websiteor on Amazon.

If you would like to hear more from Ray in person, I interviewed him on my Survival Mom Radio Hour, and you can listen to that episode on either of these links:

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  1. says

    Hello Lisa – Thank you so much for such a great review.

    I want to let people know that if they order from my site I will be more than happy to autograph the book and personalize it just for them. If people would like to purchase this for Christmas, I will also personalize it for that special someone that you are purchasing the book for.

    Thanks again for such a wonderful review.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Jim Bowden says

    Hi Lisa,

    I just finished your review of Rays book. Very good review. I purchased my copy several months ago when it was first released. I started it the evening it came and couldn’t put it down. Cover to cover the first night!

    Ray wrote the book in an easy to read style. All of the info,(by the way, it was packed)made it easy for me to pick and choose what applied to me. Like you said, we’re all different having different needs.

    I’ve read it twice now and it has a permanent place on the shelf. It’s also a great reference book too. I think anyone that has interest in prepping either heavy or light will find this book useful and without hype. It’s down to earth and very easy to read. It’s the only book on the subject I have. Glad I got it first.

  3. Suzanne Davis says

    I would love to win this. It sounds like really helpful information.
    Thanks for this site, and all the great information you give to others.

  4. Beth says

    Thank you for the lead on this book. It book sounds like it is easy to follow and written for the everyday family. I often find that may prepper books have a very expensive theme to them. Ray's book is at the top of my to be read list.

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