Survival Survey: What is your #1 preparedness resolution for the New Year? (2013)

image by Calsidyrose

image by Calsidyrose

Preparedness isn’t a one time event or a short-term effort.  It’s really a mindset and a way of thinking and looking at the world.  There aren’t too many Survival Moms/preppers who feel they’re 100% prepared for every event, from a nuclear attack to a shortage of toilet paper.  Most of us talk about what we’ve done today or this week to prepare, knowing that setting priorities and taking small steps will add up in the end.

So, with an entire New Year ahead of you, what is your #1 resolution for being more prepared this year?  Mine is to keep my food storage balanced

Share your top resolution with us!

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  1. Lisa D says

    I am new at this, so my goal is to be prepped for one month. I am hoping that will help me wrap my mind around long term planning. Thankyou for sharing such useable information.

    • Kris says

      Lisa–This month marks my first “anniversary” of waking up to preparedness. As you begin and feel overwhelmed, I want to offer you this small piece of advice: Open up a oneyear calendar in Microsoft Publisher and put down the things you want to accomplish each month so you can be visually reminded! I needed about 30 pounds of beans to get prepped for 3 months, so I recorded “add10 lb beans” to Jan., Feb., and March. I added a box of ammo each month, set a date for learning different skills, added goal dates for having bug-out-bags equipped, etc. Then I marked things off and added the new counts to my inventory (also on the computer). By the end of 12 months, I had done just a handful of things each week to get prepared for 6 months. Some of them cost nothing, like reminding myself to check for free survival-related downloads each week. Baby steps. Add new things as you read about them and add less urgent stuff to October or November; more urgent can be done by February. I spread those purchases out over a year (got my Solar Oven for Christmas!) and now can plan further out than 6 months. Planning, prioritizing, organizing and preparing all in one place! Best of luck to you! ~Kris

      • Lisa D says

        Do you keep hard copies of your organization, in case computers are not available?

        And wow, thanks for the advice! I will do just that.

        • Kris says

          I do print them out once a month or so and shove them in my binder; I have a 5-gallon bucket with medical supplies that has a plastic sheet protector with an updated inventory list taped to it. Same with tubs of “hardware” like batteries, light bulbs, duct tape, etc.

  2. Jill says

    My personal resolution is to lose 13% of my body weight. My preparing resolution is to study and master outdoor cooking. Everything from chopping wood and setting up various forms of fire pits to cooking complete meals in Dutch ovens and how to make/use solar ovens.

  3. Jaylee says

    My first resolution is to lose a significant amount of weight and begin walking daily to become more physically fit. In addition to that, I also want to practice alternative cooking methods beginning with my Sun Oven.

  4. Ann says

    This year I plan to move a few items to my bug-out location. It’s not easy deciding what to take to a place you may never get to. Nor deciding what needs to stay at home that won’t be in that location if you have to leave. I would like to get to know my Sun Oven as well.

  5. Karyn says

    Healthy eating and weight loss here as well. I want to raise and process a batch of meat chickens this spring. I learned how to butcher under the guidance of a local farmer a couple of years ago but that was with some fancier equipment. I’m not sure exactly how to do it in the backyard but hope to learn this year!

  6. Desert Fox says

    yes the same as Lisa D 1 month the preparedness I live in Las Vegas. I still need some things. Plus make some more money this year before the economy tanks and spend less. lose weight get in shape.
    Happy New Year Lisa.

  7. says

    I’ve made a goal to complete one new self-sufficient project for each month of the year. I’m starting with food storage. My goal is to have a year’s worth of food storage for my family by the end of the year. I’ll be documenting my progress for each of my projects here: AntiReliant Projects.

  8. brett says

    I read a lot of the survival blogs and only recently got turned on to your blog and I will say that I am pleasantly surprised with it. I am also equally surprised at the amount of women that are getting more and more into the prepping. Thanks for your great blog.

    As for what the Wife and I are doing is each week buying 1 bulk item and 2 mountain house package meals in case we have to bug out. Pasta is a big winner for us. Also will be buying a dutch-oven to use in my homemade solar oven. And of course cardio can’t have enough walking.

  9. momengineer says

    Gardening!! did a bit this past year, but its a skill that I need to improve upon. Adding more beds in the back yard, and going to try to save seeds at the end of the season (heirlooms)…think it will also help with my weight loss goals :)

  10. charley says

    I had to buy a van that I didn’t like in a hurried decission. First on my list, not that I’ve had it a year, is to trade it for what I want, then work to fit that vehicle into a ‘bug out’ vehicle. I also think I need to stream line my food storage. I realize variety is key but I have too much variety. I need to stream line it down to fewer items that I have better control of. Also…still working or decluttering in favor of restocking with practical ‘needs’, but that is always an ongoing process.

    • Lisa in AZ says

      @ Charley…I have a minivan with the seats that “stow”….LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Poor thing has over 140k miles, but I have a 72 hour/get home/bug out bag stowed under the floor. Plenty of room for the bag and a sleeping bag, plus more room on the other side for dh’s bag, and STILL have seating for 4, plus the entire back with the rear seats folded down.

  11. says

    Plan on increasing the number of edible and medicinal plants in my yard.
    If we grow it, trim it and (overall) take care of it….our plants should give us something in return! 😉

    • SingleMom says

      Do you have any suggestions for highly-acidic, dry, shady soil? We moved last spring, and I miss my wild plants. I tried yarrow and touch-me-nots, and they both failed miserably, but we transplanted them in the middle of summer. We do have a good crop of white clover and plantain growing naturally in the yard.

      • Kris says

        Check into fruits — raspberries, blueberries (at least two varieties). We have a similar situation, and it takes a bit to build a good compost/soil for planting. Container gardening with purchased soil might be helpful with regards to veggies. Found some great YouTube vids about self watering systems, which recently caught my attention.

      • says

        What is your planting zone? I’m in zone 9.

        Most vegetables and some fruits like acid: potatoes, tomatoes, onions, green beans, and peas. (I prefer snap peas with edible pods! Yum!) Strawberries and blueberries also like acid rich soil. The problem you have is shade. If you don’t have several hours of sunlight a day you may not get good results.

        Any chance you could strategically install garden boxes to maximize your sun? I’ve been using Square Foot Garden for years and really like it. My yard soil is also rather sandy and high in acid. We’re getting nice results from some of our fruits trees, especially the orange and satsuma. We’re hoping the pears, apples, and peaches improve this year!

        I’ve had good results with growing: black berries, loose leaf lettuces, tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, snaps peas, bell peppers, jalapenos, basil, sage, mint, and oregano. My strawberries are recent and haven’t produced yet, but I’m hopefully.

        This year I would like to put down: common marjoram, rosemary, lavender, Jerusalem artichoke, cone-flower, hyssop, and hawthorn. It’s a tall order, but I’m excited about the potential benefits.

        Hope these suggestions helped!

        • Leslie says

          Right Wing Mom,

          I’m also in zone 9, and planning to put in some fruit trees/bushes. What varieties of pears and apples have you been able to grow? I plan to add blueberries, blackberries, satsuma and lemon; which all seem to do well here.

  12. Brea says

    We are buying more ammo and things that can be
    helpful for hunting as well as self defence. We are also looking to get a bigger family sized garden started since we now have my mother in law on
    board as well as becoming more self sufficient with our food and living.

  13. Isabeau says

    My goals this year are:

    1) Lose some weight. Less me to carry around and will help my bad back and knees.
    2) Get in better shape so I can do more in a day.
    3) Garden. I think we figured out the problem of the last couple of years.
    4) Work with my meat animals so that I can gentle the mothers to also collect milk.
    5) Practice more with my different defense options.
    6) Learn a new skill or 2.

    • ShootingStar says

      In case you are working with cattle–PLEASE don’t try to turn beef cattle into dairy cows–it will never work and you could get seriously injured or killed.

  14. and says

    Prep Goals for 2013

    1.Six months food storage, first aid kit, and sanitation lists aquired by end of year.
    2. Plant something in garden every day until July 4, then harvest and put up every day after that until first frost (hopefully no drought please!).
    3. Try to get off meds by seeing Dr. to check for food allergies, and eliminating sugar, caffeine, and red meat from diet.
    4. Kids and myself to take first aid, self defense, and gun safety classes.
    5.Buy a shot gun, 2 rifles, and ammo.
    6.List of sheep breeding supplies aquired by end of year.

  15. Jennifer S. says

    To get out of our rental house and buy a house with some acreage (min. of 3, hopefully up to 10 acres). With that, we will be able to expand our gardening & add chickens and possibly a couple of goats to it

  16. Doris says

    To double the size of last year’s garden and can and dehydrate what I grow.
    Also want to cook more in my sun oven.

  17. Karen says

    This year we are converting a spare bedroom into a storage/canning room. I have 2 big shelves in there already and they are almost full of our stockpile. I am trying to sell the furniture on Craigslist but not having too much luck so far….. we are so tired of having food all over the house (better than nothing, however) and not being able to rotate properly. Things were looking cluttered a messy, not a good feeling, so I am really excited about our room conversion!! Luckily, my husband is easygoing! (But I do think he thinks I am a bit crazy!)

    • Mma800 says

      Goals for 2013

      1. WATER! Need to put up a lot more. Got an estimate for $10,000 to put in a well, so it looks like I will be going with 55 gallon containers until the whole lottery thing works out. As of today, I have enough for about 1 month for my family of 6. I have a berkey and a cart to haul water from the nearby reservoir if desperate measures are required, but a cistern or large storage containers would be ideal.

      2. Organize prepper paperwork. Seems like all of my printed material and inventory needs to be easier to manage

      3. Try again to garden this spring. I seriously cannot grow dandelions. I put in 3 each blueberry and raspberry last summer and will put in 3 each apple and pear trees this spring. I will have 2 container gardens this spring and so help me God, I WILL get at least one freakin tomato!

      • ShootingStar says

        Try sending soil samples to Colorado State University Extension (info online) for soil analysis. It might not be you but deficiencies in the soil itself. Not expensive at all to have a soil analysis done and you can correct before planting this year.

      • and says

        Don’t be too hard on yourself. You’ve picked some great things to grow, but no the easiest. Plant some zucchini this year! Three seeds, pounds of produce!

      • Winnie says

        I like your sense of humor! I also haven’t had much luck with my gardening skills, but I’m going to plant blueberries and some fruit trees this year. My problem is a very short growing season and too many trees and deer. I seem to do better with containers on the deck. If TSHTF we’re in trouble. I’m looking into growing more sprouts.

  18. Ecomum says

    Like so many others, getting fit is my number one priority; any weight loss will be a bonus.
    Here in England, last summer was not only a washout but I had serious caterpillar infestation so I plan on building a large cage and covering it with mesh which will deal with the caterpillars and may help to stop tender veggies being flattened by rain.
    I’m going to add 4 more water butts to the 3 I already have and finish building the chicken run so that I can get some hens.
    I will continue to add to my food supplies and try and figure out somewhere less obvious than cupboards to store some of the longer term supplies.
    Finally, I’m going to dust off a SHTF novel I wrote some years ago and see about publishing it on Kindle.
    Thanks Lisa for all the work you put into this site, it’s the first one I go to every day.

  19. Laura says

    We just increased the size of our garden and built a fence around it to keep the goats out. I got the canning stuff I wanted for Christmas so I want to learn to use it,
    lol (im new). I also got a greenhouse kit I want to get set up. I want to increase our food supply which is hard with money being so tight. We also want to pay down our debt. And are planning on planting sapplings along the front of our property to have more coverage from the main road. Lots of plans.

  20. Emily says

    This year I will acquire the tools for more long term self-defense and self-sufficiency, and learn wilderness first aid. Also I am learning to knit, although frankly if we’re in a zombie apocalypse situation, I am not above stealing a sweater from REI.

    I got spurred to action after the tsunami in Japan, by creating a go bag for my kids and me for the car. I live somewhere that the main actual threats are earthquake and wildfire, so it’s more about going than staying. My first steps were getting all our important papers into one place, photocopying them for the bag, and putting the originals in a safe deposit box at the bank. Now I don’t have nightmares about trying to get documents from three different places and run out of the house in an emergency (we’re in a wildfire zone). Also in the go bag went everything we’d need to shelter in the car for a week in case we have to hit the road, and I have an actual plan for shelter in place vs. drive out vs. walk out situations. I feel much more in control, in fact our community center does emergency drills once a year with the siren but I forgot that it was happening, so I thought it was a real situation, and I got both kids and 2 cats out of the house and was driving away in 7 minutes!

    I’m not all the way to Doomsday Preppers level, but my approach has shifted: for instance, these days if I’m thinking of buying myself a cute sweater or pair of boots, I think “Will this provide long-term utility (warmth, comfort, protection)?” If I can’t picture myself wearing it while carrying a 40 pound backpack, it doesn’t come home with me. Thank you for your perspective, and for putting all these great resources in one place!

  21. Jen says

    I’m working on losing weight. DH & I are working on getting the kids more on board with the preparedness and decluttering the house. If DH is able to find a job we will end up with more savings and a sun oven (otherwise it’s my homemade cardboard solar oven).

  22. Lynda says

    Enclosing our storage area in the basement to have a giant walk-in pantry with a door than can be secured. Trying to incorporate more dried beans and grains into our diet and ramping up the storage of both.

    • H. (eyes wide open) says

      We are doing the same thing in our basement. Looking forward to my stash not sitting out in the open and being able to organize it better.

  23. SingleMom says

    I want to keep more spare cash on hand, buy at least one drum for water, and get a shotgun. Foodwise, we’re in pretty good shape, but I’ll feel better if I can get some herbal plants to grow in the yard.

  24. ForeverAutumn says

    My goals for 2013 are primarily financial; to get out of debt. Fortunately, I’ve made some good strides toward that end this last year – I finally got out of credit card debt, and now I just have my student loan to pay off yet, and my goal is to have that paid off by the end of this year.

    I’d also like to increase my food storage from 30 days to 90 days, store up some more Toilet paper, batteries, and various toiletries.

  25. sue says

    I’m going to use your saving plan you just posted to create an emergency fund. I have been concentrating on other items and this Christmas, I ended up with a large auto repair bill that ate my Christmas money :(. Going to try and grow it to about 3 months worth of bill payments (will take longer than a year, but it’s a good goal I think).

  26. CJ says

    I am taking a CCW class this weekend. My family is working on improving our gun skills and continue to stock up on ammo. We live adjacent to public hunting land and have acreage of our own, so my husband wants to learn how to hunt and process turkey. I would like to purchase a pressure canner and learn to preserve vegetables and meat. I already know how to can fruits and tomatoes. I also want to get my little fruit trees in better shape so that someday they might be fruitful and plant strawberries. Maybe I will try raising meat chickens this summer. I already have laying hens.

  27. Magpie57 says

    This year I resolve to use my grain mill to grind all sorts of grain/seeds (popcorn, rye, wild rice, spelt, enriched white rice, beans and flax) in addition to wheat and teach myself to cook all sorts of nutrient-rich baked goods made with my home-ground flour. I want to consume more all-natural, complete foods made at home and less of the commercially packaged stuff that contains transfats, high fructose corn syrup and all sorts of chemical preservatives, artifical flavors and assorted other nutritionally barren junk.

  28. Linda says

    Mine is to spend time getting me in better shape, learning how to use the equipment I bought last year, and not to get into a panic about all the SHTF scenarios. Focus on the most likely first, get ready for that, and then move on to the second. My Prepper journal will be a big help. If I write things down, I can see where I am and where I need to go.

  29. Lisa in AZ says

    I plan to invest in precious metals. Food situation is ok here, but living in a desert, water will be an issue no matter what. Have taken my first step by ordering what i can afford TODAY instead of waiting until I can afford a whole ounce of gold…bought 2 grams. Had to start somewhere, and if TSHTF, 1 gram will be easier to barter with than a whole ounce anyway. Next…silver!

  30. MissKitty says

    My husband got the idea to devote the 2nd Saturday of every month to making preparations. Either cataloging what we have, buying what we lack, canning, etc. Not to say we won’t do things at other times but this way we stay on top of it. That was our resolution.

  31. Neely says

    Hi! I’m new here and just bought your book on Kindle last night so that is what led me here! DH and I are new to prepping so I’m trying to learn as much as from other preppers so we do not feel so helpless the next time we have a power outage or any other emergency. I’m an avid couponer so I’ve been able to stockpile a good amount of food. I have two main preparedness resolutions that I hope to accomplish this year. First, I want to begin storing long-term food (probably a couple cans per month since money is tight) and practice making recipes with the items in our recently purchased starter kit from LDS. We are looking to soon place our first order with Shelf Reliance also. Second, I want to learn all I can about canning. In NJ, we have outstanding produce in the summer months that I want to preserve for the fall and winter months!

  32. David Tedder says

    My wife and I have resolved to update our family’s food storage and have a two year’s supply by the end of the year. I also goal to have a fully-functional ammo reloading station up and running before year’s end. We’re also wondering about setting up our house for solar energy. The local power company’s got an attractive offer right now, and who knows how long that will last.

  33. Tracy says

    This year our goals focus on teaching a few survival skills to the kids: camping, fishing, gardening etc.. We are working to develop a better budget and sticking to it so we can purchase a few big ticket survival items. My personal goals are to improve my health and improve my archery skills. Since I already know how to can fruits and veggies, I want to find good reliable recipes for canning meat. We use a $10 weekly budget to put up food and other inexpensive items and rotate them by the month. Week 1 = food, Week 2 = hygiene, Week 3 = First Aid and Week 4 = Fuel & Misc.. You would be surprised at how quickly it builds supplies for our family of five.

    Love the site and all of the fantastic and usable information!!!

  34. Stephanie says

    I am brand new at this, as well, so I’m starting from the beginning. My goals for the year are many. The most important are:
    1. Deliver a healthy baby, recover from that, and then get in better shape.
    2. Get organized and start my preps. I’m trying to organize my binders and bug out bags, and I’m working on water and food storage. My goal for the year is to have a minimum of 1-3 months by year end. More if possible.
    3. My husband and I are working on our debt and savings. We hope to make some decent progress there.
    4. I need to learn/practice several skills, including gardening, and canning, my knitting could use improvement… Lots of things to learn and improve on this list. :)
    I could go on for ages, but that’s probably a good start for one year…

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