Survival Survey: Actual Doomsday Preppers Tweets. How would you respond?

image by Jon Gosier

image by Jon Gosier

I like to see what the rest of the world thinks of NatGeo’s wildly successful series, “Doomsday Preppers,” so I went on Twitter to read their feedback. Here is just a sampling:

Tayla Kaye Whitehead@taylaalaaaa

Watching Doomsday Preppers – “When the shit hits the fan… Make sure your not standing in front of the fan.”


I guess celebrating #Christmas on December 25 will be an especially great gift to those scared of the #MayanCalendar as #DoomsDayPreppers :)


I am amazed how many people think we prepare for only one thing and are laughing at 12.21.12. We don’t! #doomsdaypreppers #preppertalk


watching this show doomsday preppers got me wanting to order some long term food supply kits. in this day in age u can never b too prepared

Brittany Simone@BrittanySimone2

So I think that we should all get the addresses of the doomsday preppers and when the world doesn’t end, we ransack their houses.

Brent Beck@bblightning

Anyone looking to join my #doomsdaypreppers squad? I already have a Brita and 4 aluminum baseball bats.

Emily Schieffer @emmfrann

#doomsdaypreppers is one of the dumbest shows #canthelpbutlaugh

Tara Ariano@TaraAriano

If part of your post-apocalypse plan involves eating worms…for real, what are you actually trying to survive for?


#DoomsdayPreppers “About 3 earth worms equal enough protein for a whole day” ehh.. you got any steak?

princess sarah@Ssarahwilt

watching #DoomsdayPreppers … these people are psychos…

chris hunter@ffhunter116

#doomsdaypreppers just bought my first gas mask…

Richie Rich@t20lid

Clearly the wives on #doomsdaypreppers know there getting paid cuz no way they would marry scrams like that

Trey Woods@FoxMcCloud13

I wish my family were doomsday preppers.

Brittany Thompson@Commit_toBritt

These people on doomsday preppers are #crazy what causes people to think like that???

Lorence Ayag™@YaBoyLorence

Doomsday Preppers probably cant wait until 12/21/12 just to prove everyone they were right. #Lol


Doomsday Preppers, I know where you live & I’m coming to eat your bacon.

Jamie Bowden@NeckBeard87

I wish I had as much money as these doomsday preppers

Novi Novak@NoviNovak

Doomsday Preppers… these people dont understand they are more of a Target if I get hungry. Dont go on tv flossin all that canned food haha

Rosie O’Donnell@Rosie

doomsday preppers is the most depressing show on tv – more than hoarders –

Darren Smith@DazMSmith

#DoomsdayPreppers ~ Watching the nutters on Doomsday Preppers, @natgeoafrica. They’re even wackier than previous episode.

lexi p@Lexi_Can_I

Some people are studying for finals some people are watching doomsday preppers on nat geo. Now which is more practical. All I’m sayin.


Twitter Tweets are limited to only 140 characters, including spaces. What would be your response to any of these Tweets, using only 140 characters?


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(25) Readers Comments

  1. Dear Arrogant Idiots: Anyone stocking food stocks bullets too. Target them & you’ll become target practice. Sincerely, Not Prepping For You

    • LIKE!!

  2. Breaking News!!! People ransack doomsday preppers houses suffer an extremely high rate of fatal lead poisening!!!!

  3. Ha ha Jaime. And also we’re not prepping for 12/21/12.

  4. The $400 YOU spent on a smartphone? I spent on a 9mm; $80 for your bats bought food for 4 for weeks. Your cable $ gets me food/tools/shells. Don’t come knocking. ~Momma Bear

  5. Joseph prepared in seven years of plenty for seven years of famine. In others words, he prepared in order to save lives. Think about it.

    • Joseph represented Pharoah (government). When it was over; govt owned everything. Except for God’s people. Read it again.

  6. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.

  7. If you don’t like Doomsday Preppers, try the Walking Dead. People like you are the Walkers.

    • I love TWD and I completely agree – failure to prep=walker bait!!

  8. speaking from someone who has lived through a number of natural disasters, emt, ect. Doomsday preppers shot up a red flag with me. The media, and I have personal experince with them vulures too, never put anything on without a reason. Then look at these survival shows all coming out while the banks steal ourr money, homes and they talk of a fiscal cliff. It seems to me this is a distraction, to give the population something to laugh at, scare the wits out of people and also and most importantly, get a shopping trend going. “Preppers” that are shows are over the top, hoarding a years worht of food and gas mask, ect. They are not hoarding organic food, preservative free unless it’s home canned. they are buying GMO foods, tons of tiolet paper, paper towels, sanatation products, sporting equipment, guns, ammo, ect.

    When TV puts something out I have ask why? When you examine trends you see the media is first to push these trends. This is being pushed not just for entertainment but rather to scare people into buying lots of products in anticipation something might happen.

    Food storage is an insurance, I store a months worth of food. I live in the country and I have easily done middle of winter with no power. I do need to store tons of gas, buy ammo cans, ect. We have all the basics and never have I purchased a gas mask nor would I turn my friends, family, ect away when they needed help. I have helped them.

    But what is the sales pitch behind this show? What are tyring to do? Entertain to keep viewers but else are they up too?

    • A wise friend once told me if you ever wonder the movtives behind why, just follow the money. Its 98% of the time why.

  9. Economy Crashes! People discover most valuable metal to have….Ammunition. Learn more by attempting to break-in any prepper’s home.

  10. Wow! Jamie and Joebob hit it out of the ballpark with their responses! Too funny.
    Hollywood goes where they think the money is-and I am sure that the advertisers on Domesday Preppers pay a lot of inflated, worthless paper to shill there.
    The best thing, we preppers are playing for real. When the next earthquake hits, when Taliban terrorists destroy the grid, or when the next Occupy BastXX*ds decide to squat and destroy-Preppers will be ready. If it takes bugging out to avoid riots, burning buildings, & terror; we already have plans in place, and supplies to get where we are going. If it takes bugging in to avoid a pandemic, or troops on the ground, we will already have water, food, and sanitation lined up.
    I think that they just jealous and afraid to face the truth.

  11. My income is under $20,000/year. I buy 50# bags of beans to feed my family now and in an emergency.

  12. I prep, therefore I am…….and will continue to be btw when whatever shtf and changes my life.

  13. I became a secret prepper several months ago. It is a real adventure, sometimes extremely funny, confusing and yet very satisfying. I studied every prepping site I could find and I did watch the prepping show on TV. They overwhelm me too. And I had to stop and think when I saw the canned meatloaf a woman proudly showed off. It looked like a big tumor from some hospital lab. But if starving, me and that meatloaf would share a meal. I figure the Hilton won’t be open for room service if TSHTF.
    But we each have to just sit for a minute and close your eyes. Now, open your eyes and pretend you have no lights, running water, it is very cold or very hot, you can not leave your property for one week, your kids are at school, your husband is out of town, the phones don’t work, you need to buy groceries, and the car is on empty. What is the first thing you would do or worry about?
    Living on the Gulf Coast, I know about prepping for hurricanes. And my cousin, in Calif., keeps a earthquake closet. But all of us have something…snow storms, floods, earthquakes and who know what the next terrorist attack will involve.
    I had a front row seat to watch the government after Hurricane Katrina. What a comedy of errors lead by pencil pushers who had never missed a meal or had only the clothes on their back and no means to restart their lives. Check with your family and friends in New Jersey, how long has Sandy been gone, how are they doing?
    I know my government is a mess and those of us with no political connections and/or personal wealth need to stop looking for some mystical good fairy to save us.
    I think all preppers are asking of people is to just stop, and try to figure out how you would feed your kids if you had to totally depend on your personal supplies. What if one got sick and you had to take care of them without a doctor’s office to take your phone call. Could you live without running water? What would life be like without TV, phones and computers?
    I personally will just feel better knowing I have the means to stay home and continue to live a somewhat normal life for a few days, a week or longer.
    I have been without utilities for two weeks before…was no fun and at that time I could drive 75 miles and buy anything I wanted. It still wasn’t fun
    So you will have to agree, you will need to care of your family without help at sometime in the future….are you ready?

    • Amen Sister!!!! Good points all.

  14. I say when the shtf, we should all go to Rosie O’Donnell’s house so she can feed us! As I see it if Rosie is against it then I must be for it. It’s like that Superman’s Bizzaro world where bad is good and good is bad……oh, wait!……that is what is happening now. What ever happened to common sense? I am still trying to figure out how our president missed the lesson on ‘fair’ in kindergarten. There is no fair. Fair is a Utopian principle. Oh, wait!…..I forgot……some animals are more equal than others….what was I thinking!

  15. A bunch of ignorant people who don’t know history nor know about the current global financial situation.

    I think part of the problem is Nat Geo puts spin on the preppers. In fact, they almost do a hatchet job on some of them. The quirky music and the follow ups afterwards that basically say it’s a million to one possibility of the chosen catastrophe happening. Which the preppers are forced to chose only one.

    If they presented the threats more seriously and were more sincere about each prepper segment. The general populace might take prepping more seriously.

  16. I think each person is prepping for there own reason and thats great..There will always be people out there who want what you have because they always figured nothing was ever going to happen in there area.I really dont tell anyone what I do I have a few close friends and family that know and some of them are doing it and others think i am crazy they are also older and there counted in on my food preps..And as far as natgeo goes i do watch the show for ideas and you can get some good ones and then i just do some research..

  17. Brittany Simone ‏@BrittanySimone2

    So I think that we should all get the addresses of the doomsday preppers and when the world doesn’t end, we ransack their houses.

    Seriously, you believe you have the right to ransack homes of people who think differently than you? If the world doesn’t end – what would be the point? punishment for not following the herd?

  18. My,My i was reading all these remarks of ransacking homes and doing this and doing that, but what about the persone who made this world do you really think he has no say in this matter [mense]where is your faith and believe,but this tells you the world must rid it self of all this sin and evil thats going on and destroying this world. see you on xmas.

  19. Preppers are ignorant to the poverty that engulfs large swaths of humanity at the moment. Some places are already in total financial collapse. The thing is they build a new society in the poverty, I assume most of them don’t take kindly to hoarders.

  20. They only show the nut jobs on this show. Sensible preppers aren’t that “interesting”. Only nut jobs watch that show. Sensible people have better things to do with their time.

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