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Guest post by Rivanon Koz, an associate of Raw Source Organics, which are the supplements I take every day.

The nutrition of your family should always be on your mind. Today, the concern may be  squeezing in time to prepare a home cooked meal;  one that your family actually sits down to eat rather than exploiting the cheap, convenient joy your kids get from scarfing down an UN-HAPPY MEAL  in the car.  In unforeseen circumstances, a good nutritious diet may be just as difficult to provide but for reasons other than a busy schedule.

It’s now widely accepted that fresh fruits and vegetables offer the best sources of nutrition.  There are two main things you need to remember when looking to incorporate healthful foods into your diet.  First, you need to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables in all colors of the rainbow.  Green beans, apples, grapes and bananas alone are not going to cut it. You need a wide variety of foods because different foods are higher in different nutrients.  The second concern should be finding sources of fruits and vegetables that are raw. Over all, uncooked fruits and vegetables are more nutritious than cooked ones because heat damages the nutrient content in food.  For example, Vitamin C in food can begin to de-nature at anything above body temperature.

This poses a particular quandary for long-term food storage.  Be cautious because dehydrating your own food may expose it to temperatures too high for many nutrients to survive, such as the enzymes in fresh fruits and vegetables necessary for healthy digestion.  Freeze-drying maintains the nutritional value of food well.  However, rehydrating the food usually involves hot water.  In addition, make a conscious effort to obtain a wide enough variety of freeze dried fruits and veggies to acquire a therapeutic amount of nutrition. Finally, keep in mind that if you plan to raise your own produce there will be seasons when some plants may not plausible due to restrictions such as growing season, weather, and access to land and water.

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One alternative is to use a true whole food supplement.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of so called “whole food supplements” are not truly whole food at all. Most of them are merely synthetic vitamins (incomplete nutrients and unnatural chemicals) hidden in a culturing process with a pinch of different foods sprinkled on top.  Any vitamin source other than real food is not only less effective in keeping you healthy but in many ways dangerous, due to the drug like side effects it may produce.

A real whole-food supplement has the food as the source of vitamins.

Raw Source Organics is a perfect example of a real whole food supplement.  It consists of Organic freeze-dried fruits and vegetables-peels and is contained in a capsule with absorbable minerals.  The food is never exposed to heat above approximate body temperature during processing.  The ingredient lists for these supplements include a large variety of nutritional foods.  The vitamin C for example is 9 organic fruits and vegetables and 2 capsules every day gives you 100% of the Recommended Daily Value.  There are no synthetic vitamins added which means it’s safe for adults and children.  One of the greatest things about these supplements is that the capsule allows you to open it and sprinkle the food in other substances; you can add it to other food such as yogurt or applesauce rather than swallowing a pill.

The vitamin content in these products does begin to deteriorate after the expiration date on the bottle.   What I recommend is to rotate a 6 month supply from your survival cache to your pantry, enough for each person in your family.  This way you can be sure that they are receiving a healthy amount of raw fruits and vegetables every day no matter what the circumstances may be.

Watch this video for more information about Raw Source Organics.

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  1. Angela says

    Having great supplements is so important, especially with all the junk we take in these days. Raw source organics has a great line of vitamins, unlike any on the market.

  2. Sandi says

    sprouts are another good source of nutrients that are often overlooked. They are great for long term storage and only take a few days to grow.

  3. says

    Great idea to have food stocked up because you really never know what is going to happen. I think having those food buckets is a good way to go, all sorts of meals right there and they last so long

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