Shown us why you’re a Survival Mom! VIDEO CONTEST

Today launches another terrific contest for readers of Survival Mom, accompanied by some awesome prizes! This time, rather than putting your thoughts in writing, you get to show off on video! It’s simple to do and simple to enter. Here are the guidelines.

1.  Think about something you have done or learned that makes you proud to wear the title Survival Mom (or Dad or Grandma or Woman! This contest is open to everyone!).

Have you organized your food storage pantry and want to show it off?

Do you have emergency kits for the family and want to show us what you’ve included?

Have you learned a new skill or want to share some great survival/preparedness knowledge you’ve learned?

Or, do you just want to chat for a few minutes about what being a Survival Mom means to you?

2.  Whatever your choice, make plans to create a video. You can use any recording device, as long as the finished video can be uploaded to YouTube.

3.  Start recording, but pay attention to the clock! Videos must be 5 minutes or less in length.

4.  Your finished video doesn’t have to be professional quality but the sound and video should be easy to understand and see.

5.  You’re welcome to add a title slide, insert photos, even film credits, but the final winners will be selected based on the content of their video. In other words, we may be dazzled by special effects, but in the end, that’s not what makes a great movie! The judges will be looking for information, how-to tips, and inspiration for other Survival Moms to do what you’ve done.

6.  You may submit more than one entry but only one entry per person will be eligible to win.

7.  You do not have to include any personal information in the video, title, or description. You’re more than welcome to wear a paper bag over your head or blur out anything you don’t wish viewers to see. However, once you upload and submit the video, I cannot make any changes to it.

7.  You have until Sunday, September 30, at midnight CENTRAL to submit your video. Upload it to YouTube using these instructions (this is important!):

The title of your videomust begin with #SurvivalMom in order for viewers to find it. Example: #SurvivalMom “How to knit socks”

Write a few sentences telling what your video is about in the Description section of the video upload area.

Once your video is uploaded, send the link in an email to

Your video will become part of the library of videos on The Survival Mom YouTube channel. If you would like your blog or website url to be included in the video description, please include it.

Oh, yeah! Prizes!

Grand Prize: A Big Berkey water system from Pantry Paratus and a signed copy of Survival Mom!

Second place: SteriPEN Traveler Set and a signed copy of Survival Mom!

Third place:  $50 Gift Certificate from Essential Survival and a copy of It’s a Disaster!

Fourth place: A Life Straw personal water filter and a copy of It’s a Disaster!


So, lights! Camera! Action! and Good luck!


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    • says

      The content is most important, Holly. Helpful information. Since we have never had a video contest before, I looked online for other examples to follow and found very few. Usually they’re open to people like film students and others with a lot of video skills. I’m not looking for that. This contest is all about information that will help others and inspire them to become more prepared.

  1. Sarah says

    Will we be judged down if we choose not to show ourselves? I actually prefer people to “not” know that I have a stockpile. :)

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