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7 Steps for Raising Secure Children in an Insecure World  Our children are aware of more than we might think.  Here are seven steps for building secure, confident children in tumultuous times.

Don’t freak out the kids!  How do you help your kids understand the importance of preparedness without sowing seeds of fear and worry? 

Eating on the Road, a Family Road Trip Survival Plan  You don’t have to eat out three meals a day when your family hits the road.  Here is how I kept my family on a tight budget by planning meals for the road.

Family Road Trip Survival With an Amazon Audiobook  This 7-CD audiobook kept us entertained for hundreds of miles.

How to Organize a Practical Skills Co-Op for your Kids   Form a co-op with other families to teach kids meaningful, practical skills they can enjoy for a lifetime.

INSTANT SURVIVAL TIP: A New Family Hobby: Air Rifles  Gun safety and safe shooting practices are easily taught with inexpensive air rifles.

INSTANT SURVIVAL TIP: Busy Children are Happy Children!  Use the summer months to teach your children lifetime skills.

INSTANT SURVIVAL TIP:  Geocaching Teaches Vital Survival Skills  This new outdoor hobby combines technology with map reading, orienteering, and more.

INSTANT SURVIVAL TIP: Nearly FREE Audiobooks!   Learn about two great online resources for burning your own audiobooks.

INSTANT SURVIVAL TIP: Survival-Savvy Kids Literature  Many children’s books contain important messages of ingenuity and survival in difficult circumstances.

Is Your  Spouse Survival Minded or a Skeptic?  If your significant other thinks preppers are kooks, here are some tips to get him on board!

Joseph, Prince of Egypt.  Survivalist  The Old Testament story of Joseph contains important lessons related to preparedness and sharing.

Surviving the Family Road Trip  Looking for some creative ways to keep your kids busy during a road trip?  I have some great ideas for you!

Teach Your Kids Wilderness Survival  A great video showing exactly what every well-equipped kid needs to survive out in the wild.

Why Preppers Should Consider Homeschooling  Homeschooling provides a continuous flow of education, even during difficult times.

Unemployed Kids vs. Self-Employed Kids  Forget the dismal unemployment figures for young people.  Help them establish their own business!

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