Video product review: The most ultra emergency kit on the market by J.Bullivant

Disclaimer: I received the ultra version of the J.Bullivant Solar Backpack and decided to review it without being asked. This company did not pay for this review, they are not an advertiser, nor am I affiliated with their company in any way.

Check out the update below for more details directly from J.Bullivant.

professionalseries_homesplashSo. Who doesn’t love a touch of luxury in their life from time to time? We love strawberries dipped in chocolate and high-end eye shadow (because with eye shadow, cheaper is definitely not better). What we don’t expect, though, is luxury when it comes to survival products.

Imagine what a nice surprise it was, then, to receive an absolutely gorgeous, glossy brown backpack stuffed with high quality emergency supplies, from a mini solar power generator (really!) to a chemical/biological/radioactive protective suit! It’s definitely not your ordinary emergency kit.

In this video I go through most of the backpack’s contents and discuss its one downfall.

UPDATE: There were a number of questions about this product, so J.Bullivant responded with these extra details:

“The Personal Power Generator (PPG) has a 4800mAh li-ion battery.  The Solar Panels provide 3W of power and are meant to be used with a charged PPG.  Relying on just solar power is not advised unless it is for an emergency situation.  Together the two products work together to keep a charge on your mobile devices.  I also wanted to mention that each of the products are sold on their own as well, that way users can pick and choose which products they may want or need with or without a backpack.  We also offer a Build a Backpack option, allowing users to create their own emergency kit, as well as 3 levels of the pre-prepared backpacks to appeal to a wide-range of consumers.  The backpacks themselves are made of ballistic nylon and are durable and strong.  These backpack are meant for consumer purchase and not for military or tactical use.

The ballistic shield is made out of a proprietary epoxy bound high-strength fiberglass weave.” For more details about the ballistic shield, click here.

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  1. Kit says

    I think a cheapo looking rain cover might be a good idea, cover it up when going through sketchy neighborhoods or crowds you are not sure about. I used to do that on my travels when I was younger, I had a quality backpack because it was often on my back for up to 10 hours a day but some places I really didnt want to be walking about with a high end backpack so on went the tacky, cheap looking raincover.

  2. Sierra Dave says

    Great backpack.

    The Solar panel generates electricity. A Solar Generator is a a redundant misnomer phrase. Just call it a Solar Power system. BTW, how much power does it have. I’d personally get a 6Ah battery that they sell in Lowe’s or Home depot.

    What is the ballistics shield made out of? Titanium?

    Dump the red bag. It screams LOOK AT ME! And will get stolen. The backpack should ship in something nondescript.

    If you DO want something stolen. DO put it in the red bag and leave it on your back seat.

    Best wishes Survival Mom

    • says

      I used the term power generator because that’s the term used on the JBullivant website. Their description doesn’t say how much power is generated, just that it will power up cell phones, a Kindle, and the like.

      I love the red bag (!) but agree that it would be, literally, a red flag and attract unwanted attention. However, from the information I received, it seems the bag is just meant to carry items that you would want but wouldn’t fit in the backpack. The bag also comes in black.

  3. Don Arledge says

    I just looked at your review of the J Bullivant back pack. As a 22 year verteran and life long outdoorsman I think the backpack is over priced and has “hey look! something shiny” appeal. I found your review to be sorely lacking in critical information. The first thing that came to mind was the solar cells, they look way too small to recharge the power generator in a reasonable amount of time and the manufacturer makes no mention of their size or capacity. Have you tested these in real word conditions? Next is the radio there’s only one? well that doesn’t help unless there is someone on the same FRS or GMRS frequency and a 30 mile range? Absolutely not! those radios are rated under the absolute best conditions, outdoors, open country, hilltop to hilltop, go check it out there’s lots of info on the net about the real range of FRS/GMRS radios. I’m a ham radio operator so this is something I know a bit about. I could write pages on the failings and short comings of this pack but my point is I actually love your site and have found lots of really good info but I feel you were not nearly thorough enough in your review

    • says

      Yes, Don, this backpack is shiny and elegant looking. I don’t think it’s meant for the hardcore prepper/survivalist market, though.

      One thing that was lacking, and I’ll add this to my written review on the blog, is that the backpack should have come with more information and details. Obviously we don’t need that for the whistle or flashlight, but I would have liked more details about the solar panels and generator, in particular. The radio and walkie-talkie – same thing.

      I’ll mention this to the JBullivant folks and maybe they’ll add more information to their kits. Thanks for your feedback!

  4. Lisa in AZ says

    ACK! $500?!?! Thought it was a really cool “maybe I’ll buy this” pack till I saw that. Then went to the site thinking “well, I don’t need the pill organizer and some of that other stuff, wonder what it costs for just the pack, and some of the other cool stuff” so built my own…over $600! What they don’t tell you immediately on the site is that the ballistic sheild is over $100 extra…the cbr suit is $100 extra, the escape hood is…you got it..$100 extra. While the whole thing put together is a nifty idea, it’s definitely for those for whom money is no object…aka NOT average folks


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