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Herb Gardening for Preppers: How to Get Started

herb gardening for preppers

After learning to grow some or all of their own food, many preppers turn their attention to other useful plants like medicinal herbs. Once established, herbs can be relatively low fuss, but deciding what herbs to grow and where to plant them can be a ... Read More

10 Uses For Tomato Powder

Tomato Powder

Tomato powder is hands down one of my very favorite products to have in my food storage. I love it because it's: Inexpensive -- especially when compared to things like tomato powder or tomato sauce Pure -- just 100% tomatoes with no additives ... Read More

The Bug Out Bag Back-up Kit

bug out bag backup kit

To some degree, having a backup kit for your Bug Out Bag (BOB) might sound like overkill but bear with me a bit and allow me to explain. Every prudent prepper knows that it is important to have backups of essential gear. However, most of that gear, ... Read More

Do you play the ‘What if …’ game with your kids?

emergency planning with kids

Our family likes to play the “What if …” game, and it’s something you might want to consider for your family. Playing the “What if …” game lets us talk through different scenarios and do some emergency planning with kids. Hopefully, it will give them ... Read More

27 Creative Uses for Everyday Items

creative uses for everyday items

Everyone, especially busy moms, need shortcuts and smart tricks, now known as "hacks" to make life easier. I put these ideas together from things that have worked around my very busy household with 5 kids and a husband. I'm also a prepper and have ... Read More

2 Types of Emergency Evacuations: Urgent & Planned

emergency evacuation plans

Reasons to evacuate generally fall into 2 camps: Urgent Evacuations and Planned Evacuations. You should be ready for these 2 types of emergency evacuations. Before you begin packing that emergency kit, you need to first consider why you might need ... Read More

May Skill of the Month: Refine Your Evacuation Plans

Make evacuation plans

I'll never forget the night we had to evacuate our home in mere moments. Some very strong chemicals had been used in a home renovation project and threatened to overwhelm us. My husband became dangerously lightheaded, our kids were quite young, and ... Read More

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