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4 Food Storage Lessons Learned From Living Overseas

food storage lessons

I've seen the idea come up in conversations from time to time that acquiring food for long-term storage is pointless when you know you're not going to live in any one place for very long. It's a pain to lug it from house to house, and if you end up ... Read More

July Skill of the Month: Boost Your Canning Skills

learn how to can

It wasn't too long ago that canning was a quaint skill relegated to the hot, humid kitchens of Grandma and Great Aunt Pauline. Somewhere in the past  few years, though, that has changed in a big way. Canning is now a hot, hot trend, in large part ... Read More

Find Fireworks and Deals in July

july bargains

July is all about celebrating summer and America. In fact, Independence Day on July 4 is the only big holiday in the month. Families go on vacation, celebrate weddings and just get together to grill out and enjoy the weather. There are several great ... Read More

Dehydrated Dinners: 21 Tips for getting started

dehydrated dinners

Freeze dried and dehydrated main dishes, such as those made by Mountain House, are on many a prepper's To Buy list.  However, for some families, the extra expense or unwanted additives place these commercially produced meals off limits.  With a ... Read More

Camp MAMA — Summer Camp Ideas for Moms

summer camp ideas for moms

Summer vacation is starting! Summer camps can cost hundreds of dollars a week. As great as those experiences can be and as much as kids can learn, the cost adds up fast. After several summers of my kids complaining about having to get up for camp, ... Read More

Living Off the Grid, (or Close to it) Urban Style

urban living off grid

Admit it, you have been thinking about it. Off the grid living. Late at night, at the end of a long day, you have pictured your life off grid. Images of Little House on the Prairie come to mind. Maybe you ponder becoming a long bearded man living ... Read More

9 Tips to Avoid the Summertime Prepping Slump

prepper activities

It's so easy for the hot, lazy days of summer to just sort of run into each other until the day arrives when it's time once again to get the kids ready for school, and we ask, where did the summer go? If your prepping goals have taken a break ... Read More

12 Tips for Living Out of Your Car

living out of your car

If you need knowledge, read a book.  If you want to really know something, experience is the best teacher.  My advice for anyone reading this is to try living in a car or van for a week or two.  There isn't anything better to wring out your survival ... Read More

10 Tips For Bugging Out to the Country

bugging out to the country

When many urban or suburban people think about Prepping or Survivalism, they think about bugging out to a more rural location.  This has to be one of the most frequently-expressed fantasies in the Prepping world, and reams have been written about ... Read More

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