“The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide”, by Robert Richardson: Book Review


Let me start by telling you what I think Robert Richardson’s first book, The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide, isn’t. It’s not the same old rehash of survival skills regurgitated between the covers of a newly minted title. It is a fresh look at ... Read More

How to Survive a Blizzard in Your Vehicle

Automobile rearlamp covered with snow

How do you survive if you become trapped in your vehicle during a blizzard? With winter fast approaching, this is a good question. The last few years have seen unseasonably cold and snowy winters in the U.S. Along with sustained cold temperatures, ... Read More

My Opinion: Cell Phones Have Made Us Soft and Have Affected Our Ability to Survive

Cell Phones Have Made Us Soft!

Technophilia: “a strong enthusiasm for technology, especially new technologies such as personal computers, the Internet, [and] mobile phones.” Caution! The following story is true. Names have been changed or omitted to prevent embarrassment of the ... Read More