Maybe an earthquake emergency kit isn’t such a bad idea

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Whenever I get panicked about something scary, the end of the world, for example, I wait a few minutes and the feeling goes away.  I’m not panicking about earthquakes, but after I watched this video, I think each of us should have an earthquake emergency kit and a family meeting, just in case.

Will there be a large earthquake in the coming days or weeks right in our own backyard? I don’t know, but I do know that I haven’t given earthquakes much thought since we don’t exactly live near the Ring of Fire. However, just as we’re beginning to see economic repercussions here in America due to the Japanese quake, a large enough jolt here in the U.S. could have similar consequences. Just as 9/11 affected the entire country in one way or another, a massive disaster will do the same.

I’ve written about earthquake safety and making plans for an evacuation here and here.

You might also find helpful Not-Just-For-Alaska Earthquake Survival and Seven Ways to Prepare for an Earthquake.

Leon Pantenburg, who writes at Survival Common Sense, explains how to put together an emergency survival kit here.

And, back in February, Leon interviewed James Roddey, Earth Sciences Information Officer with the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries. You can listen to the interview here.

Above all, it’s important to have a family meeting about your family’s plans in case of an earthquake, or any other type of disaster, really.  If your kids are young, turn the meeting into a game and a challenge, as in, “How fast can you grab your overnight kit and run outside?”  This Masters of Disaster program is an excellent tool for teaching about scary subjects, such as earthquakes or tornadoes.  Whatever emergency you’re preparing for, the whole family must be involved and informed.  You and other adults in the family can have more serious talks later.  Here are some ideas for a kid’s emergency kit.  Be sure to read the comments also for more ideas.

Prepare, stay calm, and stay safe!!

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