These are all 1-gallon containers.

Ever since I was in an episode of “Doomsday Preppers”, I have had many people ask me about the PETE containers I use to store dry goods.  I use one-gallon PETE containers, although they come in several different sizes.  I love these containers because they are re-usable, and I can see at a glance what I’ve stored.

One food storage note here: Once I’ve filled my PETE containers (along with 300 cc oxygen absorbers), I put them in cardboard boxes, labeled with the contents, e.g. cornmeal, flour, white beans, etc.  The closed cardboard boxes will protect the food from the effects of light.

(Did you catch those fancy lookin’ containers? Not the soda bottles! The other ones!)

I’ve tried to track down an online source to purchase these without any luck.  (If you have a link to an online company that sells these, let me know!)  The best I can do is suggest that you buy these where I buy them, Sun West Container Company in Phoenix and Tucson.  My contact in Phoenix is Julie, and I know she’d be happy to help you with an order and current pricing.

You might be able to get these free.  A friend of mine owns a restaurant and when she saw my PETE containers, she said, “We get ingredients in those containers all the time!”  So, it may be possible to procure these for free or at a nominal cost from a restaurant. It never hurts to ask.

If you don’t have the money in your budget for these containers, you’ll notice that I get plenty of use out of clean soda bottles!  Rinse them out, swirl a tiny bit of water/bleach solution in the empty bottle, rinse one more time, and allow to dry.  I run the caps of the bottles through the dishwasher.  Use 200-300 cc oxygen absorber per filled soda bottle.

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  1. rightwingmom says

    I love using the 2 liter soda bottles! I've packed everything that will fit down the narrow neck: coffee, rice, oatmeal, instant potatoes, powdered milk, and wheatberries. With a 300 O2, the rice and wheatberry bottles are sealed up…hard as a rock!

    That said, I found these 32 oz. PET storage containers. They're not exactly like bottles you have, but they're close.

    Also, I have about a dozen 64 oz. Mason jars. I love them! They're NOT travel friendly, but you can vacuum seal them with the Food Saver wide mouth lid attachment. Added perk, Ace Hardware's website has free shipping to their stores. Very convenient, if you have one close by.

    • lee says

      I have some older half gallon jars from my mother and I bought a few at a garage sale a few years ago, but I want more….I prefer them to plastic and to mylar, etc and 5 gallon buckets….you can store stuff and in my downstairs storage, there is little light….

      I called my local Ace…they have jars coming in in a week and the sale price is $8.99!!!!….so I ordered me some….can't wait….

  2. guest says

    Other things you can get from restaurants free:5 gallon bucket,1 gallon buckets,i gallon glass or plastic jars.When i was a cook,my boss would order me food from the restaurant supply companies and sell them to me at his cost.Things like cases of meat,50 lbs of shortening.Even though I wasn't a prepper at the time,I still had a decent pantry and it save on the grocery bill.

  3. KimL says

    These look like the containers I get from Alison's Pantry I don't see the letters PETE in the catalog but they are very close in resemblance. The gallon containers with lids are 4 for 10.99. They half gallon ones are 6 for 11.99 and they also have 12 32 ounce for 13.99 and 12 16 ounce jars for 12.99. I use the smaller ones for spices. Hope this is useful information. They are located in Utah and you probably have a distributor near you :-)

  4. teresa says

    I have created 6 different instant meals out of dehyated vegetables, freeze dried meats, seasonings, rice and noodles. Just add boiling water and let it sit to rehydrate. In stressful situations, I don't want to have to think about how to put a meal together, so these gallon containers are great to have on hand for that emergency situation. Wish I owned stock in that company.

  5. Ian says

    I went to a local grocery store bakery, they get all their icings in big 3-5 gallon buckets. They can't reuse them, and are willing to save them for you if you ask. They come with lids that fasten well. The grocery store would have to throw them away otherwise, so they're happy to give them to you instead. I have quite a few, they're free and serve my purpose. I'm able to store a 25 lb bag of flour in one or a 12 lb bag of rice. They're not clear, which is a disadvantage, but you can label them.

  6. Barbara says

    I get one gallon glass pickle jars from sandwich shops for free. Yes, they're glass and breakable, but they are also not chewable if you are unfortunate enough to get "critters" in your pantry.

    • Kirsten Houseknecht says

      uline provides a number of useful storage options….
      in addition you can look for restaurant suppliers near you

  7. mjp says

    Not sure the containers from the above link are food safe – they are made of poly vinyl chloride – "for easy viewing" but not food grade quality.

  8. Shreela says

    I KNOW from experience that critters will chew through soda bottles to get to the rice. I've not had any 5 gallon buckets chewed through though. Critters will also chew through livestock feed stored in plastic trash cans; hubby now stores dry livestock feed in metal trash cans.

  9. alicia says

    My mom in law saves me the 1 gallon mayonaise jugs (leftover from church funeral lunches). They work great – I've used them to store rice and to freeze milk. They're food safe (obviously!) and have a nice wide mouth around the top. Best of all, they fit in the dishwasher!

  10. OnlyMe says

    I have a cockatiel (pet bird) and his seed comes in these containers. I get them at Walmart full of seed for about $6.00 ~ kicking self, I've been recycling them. Sighhhh

  11. Vickie says

    I found some containers at Wal Mart and I received my oxygen absorbers. Now how long does the food stay good stored like this? Years I'm hoping. That's my big project this weekend. I'm excited.

  12. Jonnie says

    Is there a reason why everyone uses #1 PETE containers instead of #2 HDPE containers w/oxygen absorbers? I have a bunch of dark colored #2 screw-on lid canisters which I would like to use to store beans and grains if possible. Thanks!

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