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INSTANT SURVIVAL TIP: Multiple safety points

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Before the Era of the Cell Phone, I used to mentally make a note of locations around town where I could find help in case my car broke down or I found myself in some sort of trouble. As I drove through central Phoenix, I made a note that my best friend’s mother lived near 16th Street and Missouri and that a friend from college lived near Tower Plaza.

Recently at a survival expo I spoke with a woman who used a more technical term for my strategy. She called it, “multiple safety points.”  The concept makes a whole lot of sense, especially since so many of us moms are out there running errands and playing taxi driver for our kids. On any given day, we could be miles from home and miles from help.

Begin making a list of safety points where you and family members could find refuge and help in an emergency:

  • churches that have offices open during business hours
  • homes of family members and friends
  • police and fire stations
  • hospitals
  • offices of organizations such as the Red Cross
  • places of business where you are well known
  • 24-hour retail stores or restaurants

You may just need a warm place to stay on a cold night if your car breaks down or perhaps somewhere safe to spend the night if the streets are flooded. If you find yourself separated from home by a riot or some other form of civil unrest, you make need a place to hunker down for a day or two until the worst has passed.

If you have a reliable GPS on your phone, enter these addresses and save them or print them out on a 3″x 5″ index card and laminate it. Make sure everyone in the family has a copy of this list and that older children (say 12 or 13 or older) know where to find refuge between their school and home, just in case.

Multiple safety points is a smart strategy even if the emergency is just a flat tire on a sunny day.

Can you suggest other safety points?

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  1. These are the kinds of tips I’m hoping are included in your book that Purificup is sponsoring a giveaway on. My kids are only 4 and 5, but I’ve talked to them about safe points and people. For instance telling them to go up to any woman isn’t as good as telling them to go up to an adult with kids who is more likely to help without harming.

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