INSTANT SURVIVAL TIP: Free reading, Dead or Alive!

Article by John A. Heatherly, Author of The Survival Template

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One of the easiest and cheapest ways to prepare is to read, and if you can find books for free on survival topics, that’s even better.

The book, Dead or Alive: The Choice is Yours – The Definitive Self-Protection Handbook, by Geoff Thompson is one of those books.  It is serialized chapter-by-chapter here at FightTimes Magazine.

Why is this book applicable?  While the subject matter is unpleasant (and not recommended for direct reading by young children) it is crucial that families consider that crime could be on the rise and predators could be increasing in numbers.  Dead or Alive addresses the PREVENTION of violent incidents by using awareness and avoidance techniques.

Thompson begins by discussing Avoidance and Awareness then continues with Attackers and Attack Rituals: Lessons Learned.  Throughout the book he discusses self-defense techniques, and closes with First Aid and Self-Defense and the Law.

The book is not intended to teach us as readers to be professional fighters.  Instead, the author presents valid, and sometimes frightening, material that can be considered in the protection of a lone person or of a family.  As a husband and father myself, my intent is to present the ideas to my family at my discretion and in a way that helps us to be prepared without being afraid.  As with any manual, a reader should take the ideas from the writings and consider what is practical for them.

Many thanks to Geoff Thompson, Paladin Press, and for making this information available.


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