INSTANT SURVIVAL TIP: Could You Walk a Mile in Your (Cute) Shoes?

Take a look at your feet.  Right now.  What type of shoes, if any, are you wearing?  If you had to, could you run for your life wearing whatever is, or isn’t, on your feet?  If you’re like me, your answer is, “No!”  One of my life mottoes has been, “It hurts to be beautiful,” and boy, have I applied that to footwear, with a vengeance!  One season when espadrilles were the hottest thing in the shoe department, I wore those canvas suckers until I had blisters up and down both feet!  So, yes, I know what it is to be a slave to fashion.

The perfect shoes for...sitting for long periods of time. image by dreamglow pumpkincat210

Now that I’m older, a LOT older actually (I have a big birthday coming up very soon), I have come to terms with comfortable shoes.  Not only are they my destiny, but it’s possible that someday my life could depend on my choice of footwear. It’s for that reason that I recently stuffed a pair of tennies under the back seat of the Tahoe.  I still like to wear cute shoes, and if they have some heel to make me look taller, so much the better.  But, being TheSurvivalMom, I’ve wondered if I could hoof it a few miles to a gas station in my favorite flip-flops or bejeweled sandals.  Truth is, I couldn’t.  Nor would I be able to run from attackers or a wildfire.  Comfy shoes and a pair of socks are easy to acquire, small enough to stuff just about anywhere in a vehicle, and just might be a life saver someday.  Put this on your To Do list this week!

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  1. LizLong says

    I'm about 90% done making new car kits for me and dh. I'm including a pair of wool socks, a pair of sneakers, and, for dh, shorts and sweatpants. I'm almost always already wearing functional clothing, although the shoes might not be great for a long walk. DH, on the other hand, might get caught en route to or from work, in a suit and dress shoes. He can wear the undershirt in lieu of a t-shirt, but the dress pants and shoes could get mighty uncomfy. And neither of us wears wool socks on a daily basis, which could suck in the event of a winter emergency. The kids, being boys, are virtually always already dressed for running around.

    Also, I HIGHLY recommend Muck Boots. They are waterproof and actually comfortable. Really – I'm not making this up. They are designed and marketed for horsey people for mucking out horse stalls. So, they expect people to wear them daily, possibly for hours at a time, for years. So they are good and comfy. DH wore his in the recent blizzards and was outside for two hours in the snow in them and his feet stayed warm, dry and blister-free. As you noted on another thread, sometimes it pays to pay for good quality.

  2. Tarditi says

    I’m currently reading The Unthinkable: Who Survives When Disaster Strikes – and Why ( – excellent book. The author states how, during the attacks on the WTC during 9/11 there were large piles of designer heels and other fancy shoes at every landing as people shed them to work their ways down the staircases.

    If you can’t walk a mile in your shoes, be prepared to walk a mile barefoot… if you can’t do either… God Bless

  3. RangerJ says

    Could you survive all night in what you are wearing now?

    I have asked this question while teaching safety classes to female home care nurses who frequently find theselves in dangerous neighborhoods, but it applies just as well to anyone who may have to flee home or work with no (zero) warning. No bug out bag, no nothing. Can you survive the elements the way you are dressed? Could you survive your car breaking down on a deserted country road in a raging snowstorm?

    If not, perhaps you had better dress for utility rather than style.

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