INSTANT SURVIVAL TIP: Beware the addict’s high!

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It’s official.  I’m addicted to prepping.  No longer can I enter a store of any type and not look for bargains for my food storage, 72 Hour Kits or just basic preparedness.  Whether it’s an all-time low price on bottled water, laundry soap at $2.50 or cotton balls on clearance, I’m a sucker for bargains in the name of preparedness.

Today I entered a grocery store with six items on my list: dog food, cat food, dishwasher soap, zip-loc bags, ice, and milk.  When I left, my bill was $95.  Why?  Well, the store brand laundry soap was on sale two bottles for $5, so I bought six bottles.  I picked up a bottle of canola oil for just $2.49, and then the cans of pasta sauce were only ninety-nine cents each.  See what I mean?  Once I spot something I know I need in my stash, I’ve got to have it! 

Stocking up on food and supplies takes money, and the one warning I would pass along to my readers is to not over-spend.  Let’s face it.  Most of us are trying to pay off debt, save money andstock up all at the same time.  To help make this happen, many preppers clear out cupboards and closets of unwanted goods, sell them on eBay or in garage sales, and then use the proceeds to buy more rice and beans.  Others cut back on monthly expenses or look for ways to bring in a few extra bucks each week.

Before you start stealing money from your kid’s piggy bank, remember to pace yourself!  Virtually every type of supply is still plentiful.  Unbelievable bargains can be found at estate sales, on Craigslist, and in thrift stores.  You and your family really can become comfortably prepared on a budget.  Just beware the addict’s high!

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    • says

      Thanks, Raven. I wasn't sure about the Newsweek interview and video but decided that the average American family really needs to hear the message of preparedness and hear it from someone they are most likely to relate to. There's no one more ordinary than me and my family, and I've been hearing from moms around the country either thanking me for reinforcing what they're already doing or saying, "I just went out and bought my first batch of food for storage."

        • says

          I sure have. I also thought the accompanying article by Cody Lundin was excellent. Overall, I don't think Jessica could have done a better or more fair job. I hope she gets a huge raise from Newsweek. :o)

      • roxy says

        I would like to thank you for sharing your story with Newsweek, I thought that I was just being paranoid about everything that is going on in the world and I didn't want to be one of 'those crazy people' who stock pile everything. Thanks to you I sat down last night and talked with my husband about getting prepared. Also, your website is amazing, lots of useful tips. Thanks again!

        • says

          You are very welcome! Putting this blog together has been both a challenge and a pleasure. I'm pleased that you're being proactive and putting thoughts into action. Keep in touch!

  1. says

    I went to an Asian / ethnic grocer right after New Years. They had lots of kinds of beans on special, as well as instant mashed potatoes, huge bags of dried red pepper (I think that doubles as a weapon, if you throw it in someone's face), 25 lb bags of rice, and more. There are a TON of kinds of dried and canned beans and meats, which makes sense since a lot of it is shipped from Asia. There are also lots of packets of herbs and spices like curry mixes, seaweed (healthier and tastier than you would expect, but not necessarily a really long shelf-life). They also had boxes of giant grapefruit-size pears for a reasonable price. I *WILL* use that dehydrator before they go bad! I swear I will! I've been told that New Year's is a big holiday for a lot of Asians, so it makes sense that they would have a big sale right after. Other ethnic markets would probably have sales right after their big holidays, so we can all add some variety to our stockpiles a little more affordably that way.

  2. Carol says

    If you are storing food- itis important to use it-if you prepare two meals a week from your food storage you will know how to use it, and you will rotate it. Both are essential.

  3. mary says

    Glad I'm not the only one who has so many canned goods, etc. that I get the usual questions. People ask if I own a daycare, restaurant, am going camping, and then the just "what are you buying all this stuff for?". Have come up with some interesting answers.

  4. Denae Tak says

    I was just starting to learn about what you do…then I see you in the local paper! You Go Girl! Loved the article! I may not get as much stuff as you because I don't have much space but I will start. I love your web site too! Thanks for sharing!

    • says

      Thanks so much, Denae! We all do what we can, where we are, with what we have. As our income has jumped all over the place lately, I find myself using my stored food more and buying a little less, but then, we're starting to grow our own veggies, so it's all good. :O) I hope you come back often!

  5. Lisa says

    Hi i have only just caught on to all this preparedness after reading an article about the solar flares and emp stuff. I can honestly say i hadn't thought of storing stuff before, i'm one of the many that have taken the way we live for granted. But after reading lots of articles on your website i will be starting my own storage and preparedness plans. Thatnk you for all the good advice and practicle tips, i just have to get the husband on board now! My first purchase will be bottled water, then i'll build my stores up as and when i can. Thanks again for being a brilliant source of information. x x x

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