How To Dry Shampoo Your Hair to Save Water

Guest post by Jessica, who blogs at Salt N Prepper.

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I really do love any quick tip that can save you water in an emergency. One of these water saving tips I’ve found is dry shampooing your hair. When water is being rationed, you really want to use only what’s necessary when washing. This means no every-other-day shampoo. Washing your hair uses an immense amount of water and should only be done sparingly in an emergency.

This is where a quick fix like dry shampooing is helpful. If you’re a woman you know how uncomfortable long greasy hair can be. Especially with dark, thick hair like mine. And even if you feel like you can tough out anything in a SHTF scenario, it’s still nice to have some comforts like clean hair.

Dry shampooing is quick, easy and the best part – dry. You’ll use absolutely no water. So here you go:


Four common dry shampoos I’ve heard of people using are baking soda, baby powder, foot powder and cornstarch. I’ve always used cornstarch but whatever you have on hand will be fine.

Four Easy Steps

Step One: Brush Out Your Hair

Take the time to get all those tangles out.

Step Two: Apply Dry Shampoo

You won’t need very much. Instead of pouring it on your head, just use your finger to apply a little at a time. If you use too much you’re going to end up with grey hair. Apply the dry shampoo to your scalp. Add a little extra to the greasier spots. Then brush through your hair once to distribute it all the way out to the ends. Don’t over brush during the step though – you’ll brush out the shampoo.

Step Three: Wait At Least 10 Minutes

In this 10 minutes the dry shampoo is simply soaking up all that grease in your hair.

Step Four: Brush Out

Grab a good brush with some fine teeth and brush the daylights out of your hair. The dry shampoo will have clumped with the grease so you should see little balls of dry shampoo coming off.

What other quick and easy water-saving tips do you have? Leave your ideas in the comments section below.


Jessica Hooley is the author of Salt N’ Prepper and contributor to the Army Navy Store Blog – PX Supply


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  1. Beck says

    You stock up on No-Rinse shampoo for less than $2 per bottle at Aafes in military stores. Walgreens also has it but it’s pretty expensive there. Just pour some in your hair, scrub, and towel dry. We use in the hospital all the time.

  2. SingleMom says

    I’ve heard that you can use oatmeal the same way. Take a handful or two, massage it into your scalp while draped over a bath towel, then wrap the towel around your head and wait 10 minutes before brushing it out.

  3. RightWingMom says

    My water saving tip are homemade baby wipes as an alternative to daily bathing or showering.

    Homemade Baby Wipes:
    2 C water (boiled to sterilize, if possible)
    2T baby shampoo or wash
    1T baby oil
    1 roll paper towels cut in half (Bounty & Viva seem to do the best job.)
    1 plastic container w/ lid (large coffee can, margarine tub, Rubbermaid, etc.)

    Place liquid ingredients in container. Put lid on tight. Shake until thoroughly mixed. Cut paper towel roll in half and remove cardboard center. Place in container with liquid. Replace lid. Flip upside down until towels are thoroughly saturated. When read to use, pull the towels from the center of the roll.

    Store bought wipes are expensive and can dry out in long term storage. With homemade wipes, the ingredients store separately, don’t go bad. You only mix what you need. These are a great way to stay clean when water is scarce.

    * added ingredients
    aloe vera gel to sooth irritated skin
    lavender oil for relaxation

  4. Jan says

    My girls and I have long curly hair that has to be washed everyday. But, when we are camping, etc, we keep our hair pulled back and braided. The tight curls tangle up very easily and braiding our hair is the only way to go when washing our hair everyday is not an option. I figure that if SHTF, we will keep our hair braided and in a bun to make it more workable.

  5. Charley says

    My daughter came home from college with a laundry list of natural alternatives. One was a baking soda, vinegar hair wash. After a few weeks of using this vs shampoo she went to get her hair done and the stylist said her hair was is really great condition. dissolve about a tablespoon give or take in a cup of water and pour through hair. dissolve about a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into a cup of water and use to rinse. This isnt exactly water free but 2 cups is better than 2 gallons to rinse out shampoo. She is using baking soda and hy peroxide on her teeth too and says she will never waste money on whitening strips again. After only 3 days there was a noticeable difference.

  6. c says

    Many moons ago when I was in high school we used flour to clean our hair when we did not have time to wash it. We just dusted our hair especially @the roots with the flour and combed it out. It worked really well.

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