9 Great Ideas to Improve Family Gatherings

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Family gatherings. They happen throughout the year. Whether it's a big holiday, like Thanksgiving or Christmas, or smaller ones like Memorial Day or Labor Day, or even a special event like a family reunion or a wedding, there are times when our extended families gather together. Knowing the family dynamics, and possible ongoing arguments we will ... Read More

In the Midst of a Collapse, Could There Be a Second Chance for Financial Freedom?

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Could our current, shaky economy and a potential economic collapse bring unparalleled opportunities for anyone wanting a second chance for financial freedom? It just might, according to Robert Kiyosaki. I was asked by the RichDad company to review Kiyosaki's latest book, Second Chance. They provided me with a free copy and payment for my ... Read More

Happy, Healthy, & Prepared — A FREE Ebook For You!

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The Survival Mom Radio Network produced over 700 shows during its very successful run. We aren't producing new episodes now, but together, the hosts contributed to a handy ebook with tips for homesteading, survival, family life, and more. That book is completely FREE! Here's the link for the Kindle version of Happy, Healthy & ... Read More

Wet Nursing: Time to review an old tradition?

Wet nursing as an option in a time of chaos and collapse. www.TheSurvivalMom.com

I have thought for some time about how formula fed babies will fare in a SHTF scenario. What if formula has already been looted from the store or destroyed by fire or a major natural disaster? In a time of chaos and collapse, infants are already vulnerable, and especially so without a reliable source of nutrition. Maybe it's time we rethink an ... Read More

52 Weeks Savings Plan: Watch for these March sales!

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March brings with it the promise of spring and some special March sales on purchases that can help you both prepare and save money. Two holidays that will generate some special savings are St. Patrick’s Day on March 17, and Palm Sunday, on March 28. We have a late Easter this year, but retail stores will still be pushing Easter related ... Read More

Conflict Resolution – An important prepper skill

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  When do we tend to argue the most with our spouses and other family members? All other things being equal, it is when we’re stressed out about something. One of the most common reasons for marital strife is money trouble. It isn’t necessarily that money is the cause of the arguments, it is that one or both people are stressing out about ... Read More

Bases Covered for Baby Preparedness


If you are preparedness minded and a new parent, chances are you have already provided your infant with a 72 hour kit, including clothes and extra blankets. In fact, you have most likely stressed over preparing for your little bundle of joy. Here are a few other preps you may not have thought of yet for baby preparedness. Medical ... Read More

What is junk silver?

What is junk silver and should I buy it?  www.TheSurvivalMom.com

  Do you have a coin jug at home? Perhaps it isn’t a jug, per se, but a coffee can, glass jar, or maybe even an old fashioned piggy bank? It might be holding far more money than you realize! If you spend much time surfing various survival/prepper message boards and other forums, you’ll no doubt run across the term “junk silver.” People ... Read More

10 4-H Projects That Will Teach Your Kids Vital, Practical Skills

The 4-H Club teaches kids important skils. Here are a few. | via www.TheSurvivalMom.com

Have you ever considered getting your kids involved with 4-H? You don't have to live on a farm in order to do that, you know! As you'll see, 4-H goes hand in hand with preparedness, survival skills, and family fun. 4-H for kids is a great replacement for too much screen time, e.g. video games, computer, TV. What seems interesting to us or ... Read More