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Let’s Play Survivalist Multiple Choice! Posted:November 13, 2010 By:The Survival Mom

Let’s Play Survivalist Multiple Choice!

I was talking with someone this week about all the different sorts and varieties of people in the survival/preparedness community.  I kept coming up with new sub-groups he had never heard of, and thought it might [...]

Posted:February 23, 2010 By:The Survival Mom

Have you gone off the prepper deep end?

Here’s yet another entry in my List of Lists contest and a humorous one, to boot.  Thanks Ranger Squirrel for submitting this entry!  He has much more to offer at his blog, Ranger Squirrel. I’ve been [...]

Posted:September 15, 2009 By:The Survival Mom

You Might Be a Survivalist If…

Thanks to Bob Mayne over at Today’s Survival Show podcast for putting this together and for giving me permission to post it.  How did he know I save my dryer lint?? If you’re not sure of [...]