Gray water: a health hazard or a smart option?

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Conserving water is not just a “green”thing to do, it’s a good idea no matter where you live.  Using gray water, or water that drains from the washing machine or kitchen sink, is one option for recycling water.

When I was researching the use of gray water for my book, I spoke with Buzz Boettcher of Gray Water Recycling Systems.  Buzz has installed huge commercial systems for businesses such as beauty salons that want to recycle their own water.  He discourages the re-use of water from the kitchen sink and dishwasher because of possible contaminants from food.  Water from washing machines also has the drawback of containing lint and soap.  Buzz said that if laundry water is recycled, it should only come from loads of laundry not containing underwear or diapers.  No need to develop a toxic waste dump in your backyard!

Here is how one prepper is re-using laundry water.

His system doesn’t appear to have a filter, but installing one would insure that your lawn or garden doesn’t eventually resemble the lint catcher in your dryer.

Recycling “used” water is definitely a possibility and one that should be explored, especially for those of us living in arid parts of the country. In fact, before spring planting time arrives would be an ideal time to research the use of gray water and put a simple plan in place.

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  1. alicia says

    Looks similar to what we've done with our laundry water in dry summers- only ours drains into the sump pump, out the connection outside the house, through a hose into barrels in the garden. Oddly enough, we seemed to have less weeds that year! Oh, we use biodegradable, phosphate-free laundry soap as well.

  2. says

    A friend of mine introduced me to the concept back in '97. Her neighborhood in Kennesaw had homes with gray water recycling systems. From what we could tell, it was only for gardening. Considering how green the place was, and how warm Georgia can get, it was a good choice.

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