Give me your poor, your tired, exhausted moms…Have I got a book for you!

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My life is so complicated sometimes.  Is yours?  There’s (always) laundry to do, and a steady stream of various messes in need of a cleaning.  Cats and dogs that need to be fed and cuddled, cars that need oil changes, and maybe if my family is lucky, a hot dinner to be made.  Have women’s lives always been this busy or is it unique to the modern age?  Either way, it doesn’t take a village to raise a kid, but a mom could sure use a village to help her get through the day!

Patrice Lewis’s new book The Simplicity Primer isn’t quite a village but it sure feels like advice passed down from a whole passel of elders who want to make the lives of their women easier and more simple.  Patrice and her family live on a 20 acre homestead in Idaho, and over the years, Patrice has discovered strategies that have simplified her life.  She has written 365 of these in an easy and fun to read 395 page book.  You can read one of her ideas each day for a year, but if you’re like me, you’re going to sit down and read page after page.

I loved her idea #99, “Listen to that still, small voice.”  How many mistakes could you have avoided in life if you had trusted your gut instead of ignoring it and plowing on ahead?  She tells of a time when her gut said, “Get out of here!”, and she did.  To this day she isn’t sure why, but too many women ignore their instinct only to find themselves in a difficult or dangerous situation.

Idea #200 suggests, “Make a list, check it twice,” but it isn’t the type of list you might think.  Instead, Patrice suggests keeping a list of any product that you think you absolutely must have.  Write down the item, price, style, and location.  Keep a list, and later, see if you still really need or want the item.  If we taught our daughters that single tip, it could help them avoid credit card debt and enjoy a life free of financial burden.

All of Patrice’s ideas are practical, and they made me want to implement them immediately.  “Pick your housekeeping battles,”The Serenity Prayer,” “Good Guilt vs. Bad Guilt,”… I’m throwing these out at you to tempt you!  Yes, you’ll enjoy every page, every bit of wisdom.  I got to know Patrice a few months ago when she wrote an article for my blog.  We exchanged several emails, and she was warm, fun, and wonderful to converse with.  She’s managed to package, “the real Patrice” in The Simplicity Primer.”

Her book will be available on June 7, but you can pre-order it on Amazon for an incredible price of $10.20.  No, I don’t get a commission.  I just recognize a book that could help change the parts of my life that have been driving me crazy.  I needed The Simplicity Primer.  Come to think of it, maybe advice from a whole village would make matters work.  Simple advice from one smart lady makes more sense!

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  1. MaryB in GA says

    I love Patrice Lewis and follow her blog (Rural Revolution)! I should probably go ahead and order, had been waiting to get it ordered, but I've been looking forward to it. Thanks for reviewing it Lisa, glad you liked it.

  2. Liz Long says

    One day I was sent to Costco so I could give a homeless guy standing at a corner near a traffic light a hot dog and soda for lunch. Not a clue why, but apparently it mattered for some reason! I totally understand about listening to that little voice. It always costs, one way or the other, when you don't.

    A big part of the reason I like shopping online is that I can generally leave things in my cart and I end up not buying most of them, which is the same idea as her list.

    Sounds like a good book!

  3. says

    Help support Patrice / and The Simplicity Primer by purchasing her book on the designated Book Bomb Day: June 7th. The more of us that buy it on the same day, the higher we'll drive up her popularity number and help get her more exposure. A big thanks to Lisa for the review!

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