Foot Care, or You’ll Never Escape the Zombies With Blisters on Your Feet

foot care

OW. Just, seriously...OW. I spent last week at Scout Camp with my son, which was fun, except for my feet. I know good quality, properly fit shoes are important. I know new or poor fitting shoes can cause blisters and other problems. I know wet ... Read More

What’s Bugging You? Dealing With Parasites in Humans

parasites in humans

There are many different types of parasites that can affect us in the aftermath of a man-made or natural disaster. If we have a scenario of a large scale disaster or the grid goes down, we will encounter things, yucky things, that we normally ... Read More

When Things Go South or What to Expect When SHTF

planning for shtf

First off, let me explain my reasons for writing this and tell you a bit about my experiences. That way you will know what I say is truth. I served for 15 years in the British Army, serving during the 1990’s in Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Kosovo and saw ... Read More

Canning Cherries: Jam and Preserves

canning cherry jam

Disclaimer: Even though this article is about canning cherries, I am not even going to pretend to be an expert! I'm telling you all about my canning adventures because it wasn't that long ago that I had never canned anything in my entire life. If I ... Read More