Excuse du jour: Nothing bad is going to happen, silly!

I was meant to live in Disneyland.  I should have been born right there on Main Street U.S.A.  with the marching parade announcing my birth!  Is there any better place to escape reality?  When I’m in Disneyland, the world outside ceases to exist.  It’s fun to pretend that bills, taxes, and death don’t apply here!

DisneylandA lot of people I know have that attitude when it comes to our changing and uncertain times.

“If I ignore it, it will go away!”

“This is America!  Nothing bad is going to happen, silly!”

Well, guess what?  Bad things happen at Disneyland, and if they can happen there, they can happen anywhere.  Just because America has been a powerful and safe nation, doesn’t mean it always will be.

We saw with Hurricane Katrina and 9/11, in particular, that unimaginable catastrophes can and do happen.  Just because something has never happened in our lifetime, doesn’t mean it can’t or won’t.

In an instant, for any one of us, everything can change.

Maybe we pretend that scary things won’t ever happen because we don’t know where to begin.  Take some simple steps this week to start preparing for whatever uncertain and yes, scary, times might lie ahead.  Check out my page, Preparedness 101 for some simple steps toward getting started.  You’ll find that as you begin taking some basic steps toward preparing for emergencies, your confidence level will rise

What’s your Excuse du Jour (excuse of the day)?  Let me know if I haven’t answered yours yet!

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  1. Barbara says

    Bad things DO happen here. Lets look at the last century; a Great Depression, two World Wars and several other smaller "military actions" (though not fought on our soil still a great impact on us, and millions of our own people dead), Gas shortages of the 70's, Mount St. Helens, California earthquakes, several severe (though not devestating) Hurricanes. This century opens with yet another war, a really horrific hurricane, and of course foreign terrorism.
    They're bad enough one at a time, but imagine several at near interval to each other combined with the economic crash we all see coming.
    For all the nay-sayers who snort "But it can't happen here," I say look at Yugolslavia ; a healthy modern area, that even hosted the Olympic games, now war-torn and rubble strewn. Look at the beautiful Asian and Pacific rim shores wiped off the map by a single Tsunami. Highly motivated modernizing China impacted by a horrendous widespread earthquake.
    Oh yeah. It can happen here. And if your neighbors don't get out the machetes like they did in Uganda, consider it a good disaster.

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