Essential Items For Your Car Emergency Kit (video)

What are the top five or six items you should keep in every vehicle?  I shared my recommendations on “Good Morning Arizona” earlier this week.  Here they are, along with a few tips. (If my book cover looks funky, it’s because they used a graphic of the first draft!)

What would be your top five essential items to always have in the car?

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  1. says

    Excellent segment. You looked fabulous!

    I have nearly everything you mentioned.

    In the event we ever have to walk home, my mom and dad gave us, as a Christmas gift, is a collapsible wagon. She found it at Sam’s Club. It folds up reasonably small and can carry up to 150 lbs.

    An alternative would be a collapsible dolly. I picked one up in Sam’s nearly a year ago. It collapses nearly flat and can carry about 70 lbs. You could stack your BOBs and other supplies, secure them with para cord, and reduce your carry load.

    Finally, your comment about carrying a snack bag was very quick. I hope people caught that! We live near Houston and have similar concerns about storing food in the summer heat. We have a soft insulated bag that contains: protein bars, cereal bars, nuts, peanut butter (plastic spoons), and Survival Tablets. It hangs by the back door. It has become a habit to grab the “Power Bar Bag” as we walk out the door and bring it inside when we get home. It’s sort of an extension to my purse.


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