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I thought I had checked out every survival and emergency website out there, but last week I was pleasantly surprised by the discovery of Survival-Goods.  The website is not only well organized with a variety of emergency survival kits and supplies, but it also contains some excellent articles, all written by experts in the emergency preparedness field.  Not all emergency preparedness stores include information that explains why you need to prepare, but this one does.

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Winter still has a strong grip over most of the country, so I spent some time reading about the essentials for a Winter Survival Kit and How to Survive a Flood While in Your Vehicle.  Sooner or later, all that snow is going to melt, and flood season can be deadlier than a blizzard.

I expected the typical list of having flashlights, extra firewood, and a good snow shovel, but I wasn’t prepared for some of the other, less traditional, ideas.  A few winter tips that caught my attention and made me say, “A-ha!” are:

  • Have something to do while you are cooped up indoors.  If you have a hobby that can keep you busy, that would make the time you’re indoors more fun.
  • Finish up extra chores or projects.  If you have a list of things that need to be done around the house but are too busy in the warmer months to even look at the list, tackle in the colder months.
  • Winter Toys:  Although not a necessity, if you have items available such as a sled or snowmobile, you can take advantage of all of the extra snow by getting out an enjoying yourself (if it is safe to do so).

Far fewer people would die every year in floods if they knew only this single piece of information: 

  • 6 inches of water will reach the bottom of most passenger cars.
  • 12 inches will usually stall a vehicle.
  • 2 feet of water will generally cause vehicles to float.
  • 2 feet of rushing water will sweep vehicles away.

Every resource article on the site includes specific tips and equipment to have on hand.  You’ll even find CERT supplies , emergency cat and dog food, and self-heating wash cloths!

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  1. LizLong says

    I just started reading the one on "biohazards" and the related link on "biohazard equipment". My MIL has diabetes and I gave her a super-cheap sharps container: one plastic cup from a kid's meal with the lid taped on. It's easy to push the sharps in, but they don't fall back out easily. This is a quick and easy (and free) thing to add to your SHTF first aid kit, just in case. And a washed stockpile of those freebies aren't bad to add to the stash of paper plates in the basement.

  2. Roxy2711 says

    Wow, what a great website, everything is so affordable and there are things that I wouldn't have even thought of to put in my SHTF kit. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. katzien says

    Very nice website, and I like how you can get close-ups of the product pictures. It's great information for those of us who are building our own kits. I found some great laptop and carry-on style bags at goodwill for my car kits. And it's a great disguise too; no one would guess the treasure in there! You should add this site to your Preparedness Products section in the right column.

  4. says

    Before, I didn't think so much about first aid or what to do when disasters suddenly strike. When I became a mom, I realized that survival is important not just for me but for my kids as well. The information in this article (6 inches of water… etc) are very helpful. They may be just simple information but these simple information are very vital especially during floods. The survival goods link is also a very good link. I never knew survivals kits come in a lot of varieties.


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