Could the craziest holster ever be the one you’re looking for?

How to carry a concealed handgun is a real dilemma for women.  A specially designed purse isn’t the answer because all too often that purse isn’t under our direct control.  It’s sitting in a shopping cart or in the back seat, or one of the kids is rummaging through it looking for loose change.  And, it could always be stolen. A hip holster is okay but requires you to alter your wardrobe, unless wearing jeans with a leather belt every day, along with a loose shirt, is your style.

A reader just informed me of the Flashbang holster, and this may be what you’re looking for in the holster department.  You have to see it to believe it.

The Flashbang holster was developed by the Looper company, a small family-owned company in Oklahoma City. It sells for $39.99 and can be used with a Ruger LCP .380, Ruger LCR (revolver), Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380, Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .38, Kel-Tec P3AT.P32, the SigP238, and the Smith & Wesson 2″ J-Frame.

Have you tried the Flashbang holster yourself?

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    • LizLong says

      This is what I found clicking through from the video. It also says, at the end, that they sell on eBay and what their id is.

  1. MaryB in GA says

    Jamie, for some reason I can't pull up the Naturally Concealed site from your link. Maybe the parentheses? I get it at: I have looked at these and considered one, if you get a chance to try it let us know. The one Lisa is featuring looks good and is definitely more economical than Naturally Concealed. My hubs keeps buying me larger guns than I can carry in my purse and like Lisa, I worry about the times when my purse is hanging on the hook in the restroom, sitting on restaurant booth, in other words, not in my control. Good article!

  2. LizLong says

    This is awesome looking! And I have to say, I think being better endowed is a big help here – not a hindrance to fit!

  3. rightwingmom says

    Thanks for posting this. Love the idea! I also like that your gun is in your pocession 100% of the time.
    I've been looking at purses with a gun compartment, but what if my purse is stolen?
    The gun I plan to carry is small enough to fit in my pocket, but I'm not always wearing pockets.
    The bra holster is great and trust me….I never to into public without my bra on! 😉

  4. says

    So what do you think about this for smaller chests? The women in the pictures on the website are all larger breasted. Hmm…A regular padded bra might be enough for a B cup. Thoughts?

    • Lacie says

      I have the Flashbang, and a small bra size (34B). I am currently struggling to make it work for me. My gun is the Ruger LC9, which is larger than some other conceal carry guns. This may be the problem, but I still cannot be sure that a slightly smaller gun would help. Right now I find that the LC9 is heavy, making it necessary to put my bra on the tightest possible setting, plus the gun still hangs low enough to poke me in the solar plexus when I move, which is painful.

  5. says

    I have a custom leather shop and cant wait to try this tomorrow…Ive made holsters in boots, vests, purses,etcs. btw if a gun is in your purse you can shoot right through your purse catching your attacker totally off guard!

  6. LizLong says

    My husband checked comments, etc. online yesterday. If you go through the ebay seller at the end of the video, it apparently isn't buying directly from the seller.

  7. Nonna Beach says

    Great ideas !

    Loved this post and all the comments too. We have a friend who designs holsters of every kind and it is amazing the choices out there. Thinking outside the box when ' packing heat ' could save your life or someone else's !

  8. Lynda says

    This wouldn't be for me. While it may take a minimum amount of time to draw and shoot, this will not improve her accuracy. I'll stick with my hip holster and practice, practice, practice.

    • LizLong says

      I still have kids sitting, hanging, or otherwise attached to / grabbing my hips far too often for that to be a safe option. But I've been VERY firm that they are to leave my breast area alone! :-p

  9. Bets' says

    I happen to live in the ONLY state to ban conceal carry, AND, if I'm caught with it (even tho I have a FOID card) I could spend 5 years in jail, even if I use my weapon to save my life or others lives. I can only protect myself in my home. I have sooo many issues with this, I can't tell you! It's Chicago politics at it's worst!
    I have a smith & wesson bodyguard and love it, but girl jeans don't have deep pockets at all. I would never carry it in my purse, ever, and if I put it in my bra, believe me, everyone would know!
    My choice is, not carry, or carry, get caught and go to jail.

  10. angel1 says

    I love this holster!!! I hate carrying concealed in my purse and very rarely do so (honestly I rarely carry a purse so I'm not more of a walking target). I have carried consealed in my waist band both front and back but when I pick up my kids it gets in the way. I don't like the idea of an ankle holster because when you bend over to take it out it puts you at a disadvantage with your attacker. This holster is perfect for girls who love to carry concealed, look great with trendy clothes, and have amazingly quick access to their weapon!! I can't wait to get one!!!

  11. LizLong says

    An ankle holster apparently makes you walk funny because of the uneven weight distribution. My biggest dilemma with carrying is that I go to PTO and Scout functions at school and carrying there would be a felony offense. :-(

    My other half just bought me this holster. Two things I found of note, and they are related. The primary issue is that the leather loop the holster part is attached to hooks around the center part of your bra, between the cups. Different bras = different size loop needed. What that boils down to is this: pick a bra style to wear when you carry and stick to it. If you really only wear one style, not an issue. But the other issue is this: the existing holes may not fit your bra. You may need to make an extra hole. Not a big deal, but good to know. :-)

    Having tried it out, the bra is actually tucked up INSIDE your bra, under the band. That wasn't immediately evident to me in the videos online. I still think its nifty and a better holster than anything else I've seen.

  12. Joe-R says

    Hi Lisa, I showed this video to my Better half we are both full size people. I am wondering how well this holster conceals on a full size adult?

  13. ej says

    I would point out the difficulty of not sweeping yourself with this design. It looks as if the lady in the film points the firearm at her left arm several times while reholstering. Also, if you will excuss the visual, trying to get the gun into the holster under the breast is going to lend itself to “scooping” the gun into the opening. If you do this, you will sweep the majority of your body. Remember, as soon as you touch a firearm, the four rules apply.

  14. Lynette says

    I just came across your page and I love it! I’ve never heard of the Flashbang but am ordering one and passing on the info to other CCW ladies I know! Thanks!

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