Check this out! The Stove-Tec Rocket Stove

image by Steve & Jemma Copley

Erich, over at Tactical Intelligence, has put together a great video demonstrating a small but powerful stove.  One of the basic principles of preparedness is thinking in terms of layers and back-ups.  A “rocket stove” like this, fueled by either charcoal or small amounts of wood, is a great back-up to your electric or gas stove.  We haven’t yet purchased any type of camp stove, but those are dependent on fuel, which may or may not be in plentiful supply in the future.  Watch this video, and you’ll understand why I just had to buy it!

If you decide this is a must-have, Erich has a discount code on his blog for 5% off.

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  1. says

    I simply built my own rocket stove. It's pretty easy to do! I use it to cook on outdoors in summer.

    Now I'm working on a variation on the concept merged with a masonry fireplace as emergency back up heat for the house, since I only have an inefficient fireplace right now.

    • TheSurvivalMom says

      Having a back-up for heat is absolutely a must. Here in Phoenix, we could do okay without heat through most of the winter. Our big challenge is staying cool in the summer, which lasts about six months. I think it's easier to have back-up plans in place for heating than for cooling, especially if there is no electricity.

    • Michael says

      In defense of your husband, these are not gadgets, but essential survival equipment. I've lived without electricity or other conveniences for nearly 3 decades and own three of these, plus the water sterilizer.

  2. dee says

    I bought this stove two weeks ago. I am not good at starting fires , but once I got it going , it warmed up my lunch of roast and gravy quite nicely. The best way to purchase and decrease shipping cost is thru the manufacturer in Oregon. They also have a great humanitarian donation purchase of $9 for one of these stoves to be given to a third world family.

    • TheSurvivalMom says

      We got the stove last week, and I can't wait to put it to use. It seems to be a very well built and solid little stove.

  3. K and D says

    I ordered one and they are a bit backordered as they sent a bunch to Haiti! That is very neat, and the donation program for only $9.00 is great too. They will have more to ship out this week!

  4. BigGeorge says

    These stoves look so cool! Does anyone know how I can get one? And do they sell any other products? I live out in Northern California and think these stoves would be perfect for my area. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  5. jbird says

    I was going to buy 2 of these, but the price seems to have jumped $10 almost overnight. I guess thye are selling well enough that they can now charge more. For that much I will buy something elsewhere.

  6. Ron says

    For back up cooling in the desert, act like a gopher and go underground. Build a root cellar it will give you a nice cool temp. Keep up the great work you do Survivak Mom, I enjoy your information very much.


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