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I asked my Facebook friends to send me photos of their gardens, and here is what I’ve received so far! Send your photos to lisa@ thesurvivalmom.com!  Let me know if you would like me to use your real name, a screen name, or wish to remain anonymous! Grab your camera and start clicking!

Shanna, #1

Shanna #2

Shanna #3









From Misti: We planted the first box in March so we’ve already seen many stages and harvests. We’ve got 9 varieties of heirloom tomatoes. We’ve had more cucumbers than we can keep up with. We’ve got be beets, carrots,green beans, onions….tons of stuff. The raised bed garden has been really great and is much easier to keep weed free.



From Amanda: We currently live in an area where deer hunting is against the law (state park, no hunting allowed!) so we had to be creative on how to keep the deer out. While doing that, we decided to have it work double for us! There is special netting to keep the deer out and sprinklers to water for us.



From Craig in Texas

From Craig in Texas 

From Craig in Texas

From Susan


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(6) Readers Comments

  1. Love the reuse of the sand turtle! Misti’s garden is so beautiful! Amanda I hear you with the deer situation! Like your irrigation system!

  2. My garden in the valley in July doesn’t look nearly as nice as any of those shown. I suppose I should start gearing it up for fall planting but I don’t want to go outside. Ugh!

    • Erin, if you live in Phoenix, gardeners that I know pretty much leave their gardens alone until mid-August, then they gear up for the fall growing season, which usually lasts until November or so.

  3. I love seeing other gardens. We are so cold and wet in the PNW. Things are slow slow slow. I often worry that if I had to live from my back yard (and pantry and wild) would I thrive? I would, but always feel so far behind other parts of the country. I am behind on posts on my blog but did make a video in mid june. Luckily, even the corn has grown in the “not-even-room-temp” PNW. Thanks for the encouraging pics from around the country. Today (July 4) is said to be our first no rain day in about a month, maybe I’ll weed whack and take current pics…..maybe I’ll just go fishing, it is a holiday.


  4. Love all the raised beds! They make gardening so much easier.

  5. I love this. I believe raised beds is the way to go. Nice to see what others are doing.

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