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  1. Love the reuse of the sand turtle! Misti’s garden is so beautiful! Amanda I hear you with the deer situation! Like your irrigation system!

  2. My garden in the valley in July doesn’t look nearly as nice as any of those shown. I suppose I should start gearing it up for fall planting but I don’t want to go outside. Ugh!

    • Erin, if you live in Phoenix, gardeners that I know pretty much leave their gardens alone until mid-August, then they gear up for the fall growing season, which usually lasts until November or so.

  3. I love seeing other gardens. We are so cold and wet in the PNW. Things are slow slow slow. I often worry that if I had to live from my back yard (and pantry and wild) would I thrive? I would, but always feel so far behind other parts of the country. I am behind on posts on my blog but did make a video in mid june. Luckily, even the corn has grown in the “not-even-room-temp” PNW. Thanks for the encouraging pics from around the country. Today (July 4) is said to be our first no rain day in about a month, maybe I’ll weed whack and take current pics…..maybe I’ll just go fishing, it is a holiday.


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