Book Review: The Survival Doctor’s Guide to Burns

I’ve heard of the antibacterial properties of honey but never realized that it could be recommended by a medical doctor to treat burns. That was just one of the many pieces of information I found in The  Survival Doctor’s Guide to Burns by James Hubbard.

Other survival/prepper medical books contain a broader spectrum of information on many ailments, but I really, really like the way that Dr. Hubbard focuses on one medical emergency, burns. I am pretty well equipped and trained to handle typical first aid emergencies, allergic reactions, and tummy problems, but when it comes to burns, well, they scare me. A burn can become infected quickly and become life-threatening, but after reading The  Survival Doctor’s Guide to Burns I feel much better equipped to handle this particular emergency.

This book is written in a conversational, friendly style, which isn’t typical of medical books. Everything was very well explained and there were helpful links to reference pages. I was very impressed with how much I learned and now remember, 2 months later. For example:

  • Honey has a high sugar concentration and is acidic, both of which destroy bacteria. That’s why it can work to heal burns and other wounds.
  • A way to estimate how much of the body is covered by a burn is knowing that each body part accounts for a certain percentage of the body, which makes it easier to estimate the extent of a burn. The percentages are listed in the book.
  • A painless burn isn’t a good thing because a deep burn kills nerve endings. The pain comes later, though.

Also included are lists of must-haves in an emergency kit and what is needed for burn dressings. Dr. Hubbard explains how to sterilize medical instruments and purify water. There is just a ton of usable, easy to understand information in this short book.

I recommend this book so highly that I can say your survival library won’t be complete without it, and at only $3.99, it’s definitely affordable. Currently, it’s an e-book, which is easily stored on any e-reader but I would also like to see a hard copy available as well.

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