Book Review: Survival Challenge for kids

Survive at Sea!

Survive in the Jungle!

Survive on a Desert Island!

This mini-series of books by Claire Llewellyn is called Survival Challenge.  These books can be used as a learning tool for kids without the need for any adult supervision or input.

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The premise is that you, the reader, finds herself in a precarious situation.  Depending on the book you are are cast adrift on the open ocean, lost in the jungle, or lost in the desert, and all you have with you is a backpack with a few useful things inside (They give you a list, complete with pictures). It will be twelve days before help arrives, and there is a different task or set of tasks for each day and they generally build on each other. The book starts with the supply list of readily available items such as binoculars, rope, plastic bags, string, a towel, etc.  and starts with a challenge to find or create shelter

Of course, depending on where you live, some activities are more do-able than others. Realistically, we won’t be doing all of the Survive at Sea! challenges because we don’t have a raft or anywhere to sail it, but for a family near the coast or a lake or pond, this might be a great exercise. Even for our land-locked family, there are activities such as avoiding sunstroke that are good skills to have no matter where you are. Others may need modification.  Around my family’s home, the old-growth Mid-Atlantic woods do not have any trees with giant leaves like the ones used to build a shelter in the Survive in the Jungle! book, but we can still build a shelter appropriate to our area.

This book series is out of print but is still available on from third party sellers. There are both spiral bound (around $3) and hard bound (around $15) copies listed, but they are actually the same thing. It’s just a matter of how the seller chose to list them.  Hopefully this series will help you family make some fun and happy memories while your kids (and you) learn or hone some practical survival skills!  What a fun way to end the summer!

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