Book review & giveaway: The Prepper’s Cookbook by Tess Pennington

This giveaway has ended, and winners have been notified by email. They are: Lara R., Julie R., inSANEmom, Jessica, and Debi.

Tess Pennington was one of my first readers and regular commenters on my blog. I remember reading her comments and thinking, “What a fabulous name! I should get to know this person!”

test-300banner1Well, since then, I learned that Tess blogs at Ready Nutrition, and we’ve become good friends. As you might imagine, I was thrilled when her first book, a cookbook, arrived on my doorstep. The Prepper’s Cookbook is an attractive book with more than 200 pages, nicely indexed.

At first I thought it was “just” a cookbook, which would have been fine, but when I opened the book and began reading, I was thrilled to find that it was so much more.

Tess draws on her background as a caseworker specialist with the American Red Cross to include a first chapter devoted to an introduction to prepping and basic water and food storage principles.

It’s more than a cookbook. It’s also a handy guide for beginning preppers who have wondered, “So what do I actually do with all this extra food I’m buying?”

Tess provides dozens of simple, food storage friendly recipes and some great tips along the way. I loved the pop-out boxes with titles such as, “Canning Off the Grid”, “Use Your Noodle” (ideas for using ramen noodles in a variety of ways), and “The Tasty Tater.”

I invited Tess to be the very first guest on my new radio show, and you can listen to our interview here in Episode 1.

As a bonus, I have a copy of her book to give away to a lucky winner! Simply leave a comment following this post, and a winner will be selected at random on Monday, April 22.

You’ll enjoy Tess’s collection of preparedness tips and recipes in The Prepper’s Cookbook.

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  1. says

    I would love to win this cookbook! I haven’t had much experience cooking stored foods and am not sure where to start.


  2. Kris says

    I sense a challenge coming–use th book to live off food-storage only for a week? I can’t wait!

  3. Amanda says

    This looks like a good book. I am trying to build my preps back up and I am always worried I won’t have ideas in my mainstream cookbooks for using the food I store.

  4. renna_darling says

    I was just browsing on amazon last night and when I saw this book I immediately added it to my wish list. I’d love to win a copy!

  5. Sydnea says

    This cookbook sounds like the perfect addition to my library, whether I win or not. Now off to her website.

  6. MiselaS says

    How wonderful!! I am one of those who have NO idea how to put my long term food storage “together” to make meals which won’t bore my family. Would love to try out the recipes in this book!

  7. Trish says

    Love it! I need ideas for turning my stored beans and rice into something tastier than just “beans and rice”.

  8. Amanda says

    Looks like a great book! (And thank you, btw, for making your contest so simple to enter. I detest those contests that want you to share on every kind of social media and rent out a sky writer for your town just to get multiple entries.)

  9. Tiffany says

    This is something I always thought about. OK what if something happened? Would we just eat raw noodles… everyday… forever?

    • shirley says

      I have tried to cook my dehydrated foods UCK! soups ok but nothing else I sooooooo need this book

  10. Mary says

    I purchased the Survival Mom cookbook recently; my first “prepper” book. The Preppers Cookbook sounds like it would be a great addition to my prepper library!

  11. laura says

    I’d love to have more ideas on what to do w/ food storage! Thanks for the give-away!

  12. Isabeau says

    This is exactly what I have been thinking about. Can’t wait to read the book! Hope I win it, but I will be buying it if I don’t win it!

  13. Paige says

    An emergency is probably the worst time to experiment with family taste buds, so I’d love a book of
    recipes that I can use now and flag the favorites for later. :)

  14. Kaye McNamara says

    Would LOVE to get my hands on this cookbook – winning would be EXCEPTIONALLY wonderful but will most definitely be looking for it!

  15. Rebbecca Maxwell says

    I have read Tess’s book Survival Mom 3 times and I’m working on the 4th everytime I read it I pick up another tip or trick, or make another list of things to check out. I am so glad Tess wrote this book for women preppers!!!!

  16. Sarah says

    So excited for this book, and can’t wait to get a copy. By the way loving the new radio shows!!!!!

  17. Lesslie Bull says

    This book sounds great, and would be perfect for me! I’ll probably buy it if I don’t win… Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. Betty says

    I Love Tess and I love your site…..can’t wait to get (hopefully win) a copy of this book!!!

  19. SDMary says

    LOVE Tess and Ready Nutrition! It’s on my wish list and will be on my shelf one way or the other! Thanks Survival Mom! Love you too!!

  20. Jill says

    This looks like a helpful and interesting book. I am glad you reviewed it, I hadn’t heard of it before!

  21. debi says

    Looks like a great book! I’ve been slowly getting our emergency supplies in order. This looks like a great companion to my stash

  22. Heather Kleeschulte says

    Thank you for the chance to win this book! I am just beginning to learn to prep and looks like it would be very useful!

  23. Stockermom says

    Thank you for this opportunity. I’m new to your site this past couple of months, and am so vey thankful for the guidance. I thought about it back in 2008, now I’m prioritizing and getting organized. Especially with this past week; so much to think about and consider.

  24. Jan says

    Looks like a great book! It is on my wishlist and I hope I win it! Thanks so much for all you do!!!

  25. Melissa Scott says

    I’ve just begin my food storage & this looks like a great reference & idea book!

  26. Tina says

    I’d love to win it :) And LOVE that there aren’t any hoops to jump through to be entered :)

  27. Kathi says

    This looks like a nice addition to my many cookbooks. Although, only a few a prepper/food storage related.

  28. Nicole A says

    Would love to win. It would make a great fathers Day gift for my hubby :-) thanks for the give away

  29. says

    I love her meal in a jar recipes. This sounds like a good tool/book to have. Thanks for offering it! I’ve been waiting for it to come out.

  30. Kathy says

    I follow Tess and have found her to be a super resource in preparedness. I also regularly read your blog, though I typically don’t comment. It is just super informative (and often times entertaining) to browse comments following posts. However, since a comment on this post puts me in the “pool” for Tess’ cookbook, I’m all in.
    Thank you for your passion and your commitment to being prepared. I can’t wait for you to notify me that I have won the cookbook and ask for my shipping address!

  31. joeanna says

    Looks like a great book!! It will make prepping a bit more fun, and I am excited to see all that is included. I love cook books and interested that there is more to cooking beans! LOL

  32. says

    I’m trying to cook with food storage daily (to some percentage or another) and I would love another recipe guide to help with that effort. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  33. Elaine M says

    This website is the best!! I’m a new prepper and I just made ‘survival rice’ for my family. Even my co-worker thought it was great when I shared my leftovers at work. But I need more ideas. Will definitely like to add this book to my preps.

  34. Conrad says

    Looks like a great book! We are always looking for new ways to feed the family. Thank you!

  35. Jessica says

    I am new to prepping. I just bought my first freeze dried food and am learning to can. This would be a great help so I could learn to use what I am saving and get more ideas. Great blog, btw. It really helped me get started, because everything was so overwhelming at first. Thanks!

  36. says

    OH! I’m excited about this giveaway! I’ve been excited about it since she announced it! It’s on my wishlist for Mom’s Day. Thanks for the opportunity!

  37. Annie Rhodes says

    This is such a unique cookbook! I would love to have one because I have all kinds of things stored in different ways/methods & having this to refer to in an emergency situation would be lovey!

  38. Joy Sander says

    I would love to have this cookbook to use BEFORE I have to use my emergency food! 😉 It sounds AWESOME!

  39. Nina Washington says

    I would love to win this. I have it on our wish list but have not had a chance to purchase it yet.

  40. Connie Fordham says

    Listened to this interview the other day (while I was transplanting some seedlings). Sounds like a very good book. Would love to win it!

  41. Kaye Adams says

    I would LOVE to win this book. Please pick me. I’ve learned so much from you, Lisa!!! Thanks for everything you do.

  42. Jessica says

    I am just getting started with prepping, and I think this book would answer so many questions!

  43. Julie Sczerbinski says

    Listened to your podcast interview with Tess. Looking forward to getting a copy of her book. Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  44. Laurie Daniel says

    Would love to have this book and share with friends who are just getting started prepping.

  45. Becky says

    Love the front page, and the possibility of using home stores for preparing emergency meals. It beats mash potatoes any day, although I can live on “A”‘s with all that butter in them…Yum. I will have set the time aside to listen to the radio program until now has been limited.

  46. PL C says

    I’ve been reading your blog for a year now, and have learned so much. I have been pressure canning for several years, and am teaching my daughter-in-law how to do it. I’m in the midst of reorganizing my pantry and searching for more efficient storage (we have plenty of room, but it’s semi-chaotic). I’m something of a foodie, and really want to put nutritious and tasty food on the table in times of trouble — that’s familiar to us. Therefore, I need to devise recipes using my freeze-dried foods, and then use them! I have several prepper recipe books, but haven’t been satisfied enough to start storing meals in a jar. Maybe Tess’ book will get me going. So please consider me an entry into your give-away. Thanks, and keep being such a good example to us!

  47. Amy M. says

    Hello! I was just searching amazon and came across your book survival mom. I ordered it and cannot wait to get it. I am a mom of two who thinks of nothing but keeping my children safe. I think I could learn much more from you and very excited about it. I started canning last year and am trying to be more self sufficient and feed my children healthy natural foods. We are becoming more and more self sufficient as the time goes by. It’s great we love it. I am definitely looking forward to your tips on being an survival mom. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  48. cheryl says

    What a great Idea for this book. I would love to win a copy…. Thanks for all you do to help each of us to be prepared….

  49. Wendy says

    I have been a homesteader most of my life and used to be well prepared. Now I am old, disabled and living in a city. I need to refocus my prepping in my new reality. I would LOVE to win the book! Thanks :-)

  50. Jeannie says

    Thanks for the giveaway. I am just starting on my food storage prep and this looks like a great resource.

  51. Linda says

    I recently bought the paperback version of this book from Amazon. I really like the recipes for seasoning mixes, for making jerky from different kinds of meat and for soup mixes using foods dehydrated at home. These types of recipes make this cook book different from the thousands of other cook books in print.

  52. Jessica says

    Well, my first comment seems to have disappeared. I’d love to win this book. New to prepping.

  53. Karen Hicks says

    I’d love a cookbook that would help with all my food storage. Thank for the contest.

  54. Pam O says

    This sounds like a great book to have on hand! My college son wants to know more about the Ramen noodle recipes.

  55. Tina says

    Great idea for a cookbook. New or experienced prepper we all want to keep learning better ways to be prepared.

  56. kj johnson says

    The title and cover art just said to me “You need this!”. I dislike cooking and have only 1 cookbook (which I haven’t found helpful). Thanks for the post, good to be reminded of what I need to work on. Thanks.

  57. Julie says

    Would love a copy of the book! My goal this summer is to reorganize and reinventory my storage and rethink my meals. Thank you!

  58. Terry says

    Never learned to cook as a kid, so one of my survival skills I’m now learning is cooking! This looks like it would be a great cookbook to have on hand, Thanks for a chance to win it.

  59. Alexis says

    Tess’ book would be a great addition to my preps. I read her blog, and it is very informative. Between the two of you, there is a wealth of great knowledge for being ready for any event!

  60. Meri says

    I ‘m a grandmother now and was just turned on to your book by my daughter. We have been discussing recipes and searching for info to help in food storage ideas. Would prefer home made to MRE. This book would be a great addition to prepping library.

  61. Michelle in Missouri says

    Another book to add to my wishlist! I don’t think you can ever be too prepared, and new recipes to use my food storage is always welcome!

  62. Alex says

    It sounds like Tess has created a culinary must-have book. Thank You for the opportunity to win her book.

  63. Amy says

    Thanks for the chance to win! I am always happy to learn something new and this cookbook sounds interesting!

  64. Cherry Fessenden says

    I will buy even if I don’t win because I have been trying to collect ideas on how to use all that I have in a way that will still make meal times a special family time. This sounds like a great read to help with this goal.

    Thanks again for great ideas and encouragement.

  65. Kelly says

    I have just started to research prepping, my job is not secure, and my husband is a farmer (just starting) so money is tight. I would LOVE this book to add to my collection of books. Most of my books are used and a new one would look nice. I just found your website a week ago and LOVE it so far. It is a favorite of mine.

    Thank you for your help and word of encouragement.

  66. Stealth Spaniel says

    I checked this book on Amazon. Oh Thank God-it isn’t 1000 recipes for ground squirrel! :) Just kidding! This recipe book should be fun.

  67. Kimmy says

    Just found this website today. I’m learning a lot! Thanks for all the wonderful information!

  68. billiekid says

    I have been storing food and I need a plan to pull it all together to be able to make some interesting and good meals for my family. I need some help!

  69. Holly Putnam says

    I was a “prepper” before they had names for us. I love that you ladies always have fresh new ideas. I really appreciate that you take the time to try and educate people so that there are more and more families getting prepared and living in a way that is less dependent on the social norms. Thanks Again.
    Sounds like a great book. I love the website too.

  70. Jessica says

    This sounds like a great book! I am just getting started and collecting information.

  71. Patty says

    I am a new prepper and this would be wonderful addition to my preps! I am learning new things everyday and have been worried about how I am going to make meals and this would be awesome to have!