Ask The Outback Doc: I have no medical training at all. Help!

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What can people do to prepare if they do not have a medical background?  Find someone who does!  Try to make connections with people in the medical field now while there is still time.  Go learn as much as you can about how to take care of each other.  I’ll be hosting occasional, “Outback Medicine” Conferences.  (Teaching medical skills is the focus and passion of this ole’ doc!)

The level of knowledge needed to treat other humans in crisis is quite astounding!  Yet, in a collapse situation, there won’t be much choice as to how much training your present “caretaker” will have.

In our present modern society, it’s one of the things that frustrates good Doctors everywhere, the fact we see lesser informed “providers” all around us, treating patients so cavalierly and wrongly!  We literally have to “clean up their mistakes” (which can be fatal at worst!) and see the bad results of these “wrong treatment” situations right here in our emergency room!

This is one of the reasons many doctors who are aware of the coming collapse wish to provide for lay persons the skills and knowledge of how to care for others, using properly taught medical care and skills.  At least whatever we can teach others, will be a jump ahead if the world does collapse.  However, due to our licenses and necessary alignments with today’s government, along with its’ regulators who will take away medical licenses if we speak out on issues like this today, literally, providing training and information is something doctors can’t speak out about it!

The point is, you should be able to learn as much as possible now about how to care for each other if a time comes when there is no Doctor around to provide the best care.


  • Take an EMT class from a community college.
  • Acquire basic medical books as listed here (#5 on the list).
  • Take a wilderness first aid and wilderness first responder course.
  • Research the chronic illnesses and diseases your own family suffer from and begin acquiring the medicines and equipment for treatment, if possible.

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  1. inSANEmom says

    I am planning on taking an EMT course this summer! Not only is it good skill to have but it will also make me more "marketable" today when applying for mission trips with my church, and later if I'm trying to join with another group of "survivors." :-)

  2. Mrs. S says

    I would highly recomend an EMT class, not only do you get skills in basic medical care, but you are going to meet others with the same. Very handy if YOU are the injured one who needs to be taken care of. Also I would recomend becoming a volunteer EMT or firefighter, because you will likely make friends with paramedics or Doctors that you will want to have handy in the future.

  3. Ronnie says

    Can you give some kind of advice for someone who has to prep for family members that are insulin dependent diabetics? I have stocked up on things for bartering. Other than that, I don't know how to prepare for them. Can you help?

    • TheSurvivalMom says

      I posted your question on my Facebook page and in the Survival Mom forum. Check them both off and on over the next few days, and let's see what creative answers we get!

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