Are Preppers Crazy or is it Crazy Not to Prep?

What do your friends and family say when you tell them you’ve been storing food, growing your own produce or that you subscribe to Mother Earth News?  When they find out that you’re considering raising chickens in your suburban backyard, do they think you’re crazy?  My own friends get this uneasy look in their eyes, and then slowly back away as if they hear the opening notes of  “Dueling Banjos”!

Okay, some people take things a little too far.

Okay, some people take things a little too far.

The fact is, human beings have been survivalists, or preppers, for nearly our entire existence.  Foraging, hunting, and gathering wasn’t just an alternate lifestyle for our ancestors but the only means of survival.  Each day, each season brought the possibility of having no water, no food, no medicinal herbs, and no shelter.  Storing as much food as possible, yes, stockpiling!, wasn’t radical, it was sensible.  There was no option to self-sufficiency.

Fast forward thousands of years, and self-sufficiency, by and large, is a thing of the past.  We have forgotten essential, practical survival skills.  Why take the trouble to grow your own food when there’s a grocery store on every corner?  The produce department displays not just one variety of apples but a dozen, all shiny clean and not a worm in sight.  Discount stores offer shoes and clothing at a price much lower than anything handmade.  Most of us revel in the quality and variety of goods that are so easily accessible, but will this era of plenty last indefinitely?

It really is no wonder that preppers seem out of step with most everyone around us.  There are obvious, ominous storm clouds on the horizon, and to us, it just makes sense to stock up on groceries,  learn long-forgotten skills, and make plans for any number of emergencies.

Friends and family may question our sanity, but our ancestors would be proud of our efforts to prepare for an uncertain future.

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  1. says

    I'd have to go along with the "it's crazy not to prep" crowd. You don't have to be a gun-burying, ammo-hoarding "survivalist" to know it's a wise thing to prepare for a rainy day. Besides, it doesn't take a societal collapse to necessitate the use of some food storage, or eating from a garden you planted yourself. All it takes is a job-loss or a pay cut (both of which are very real in our current economic situation) to make use of those "out of touch" skills.

    We as a society are way too dependent upon the fragile network that we naively trust will always be available.

  2. says

    I should have included a poll in this blog post, huh? :o)

    Your last sentence really is the money quote. I don't think most people realize just how fragile our "society" is and how quickly it could break down, until we remember Hurricane Katrina.


  3. says

    Interestingly enough, I've found that simply being open about it in a 'reasonable' way nets the best results. While I will occasionally in good company refer to myself as a survivalist nutbird, I am generally very careful to project an image of sane preparation vs 'live in a shack on raw land in the middle of nowhere' preparation. While I certainly believe that everyone has the right to make their own decisions about how far they want to go, I'm pretty fond of creature comforts to fore go them completely. As with most things in life a balance must be sought.

    I've managed to bring quite a few people around from the 'oblivious' stage to the 'realistic prepper' stage just by being upfront about what, why, and how. The only 'target' conversion that hasn't taken yet is one of my sisters but she's almost there!

  4. says

    This is something that I’ve been mulling over for the last several days also. People look at preppers like they’re crazy, paranoid and hoarding all the supplies. But at the end of the day, the conclusion I’ve come to is that there is tremendous honor in being prepared and self sufficient.

  5. LizLong says

    Preppers are the crazy ones. There's no way a strong country with solid hard-working citizens like ours could go under. Just look at the Egyptian Empire! Oh, no wait. The Roman Empire! Darn it again. The Aztecs? No, Mayans. Greeks! Mesopotamians? Um, Chinese Empire? (Broken up and reformed repeatedly, I believe, over the Millenia.)

    Oops. My bad. Those assuming it could never happen to us are the crazy ones.

  6. Rastus McGee says

    While discussing "preparedness" with a friend in reguard to a "what if " scenario with an EMP disaster, he said he would just as soon go ahead and die if it got that bad. I told him I would like to have the opportunity to make that decision myself if the time ever came! This past week with a minor disruption in N GA due to a little snow I had the luxery of stoping dead in my tracks in the door of the local Kroger. I relly didn't have to deal with the crowd , being prepared pays off ! Lord help us if tshf!


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