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Please note:   I only accept articles written by fellow bloggers in the survival/preparedness niche or are a member of the Survival Mom-Blog Ring.  No exceptions.

My guest bloggers add more depth of information to my blog and more value to my readers.  You are welcome to submit a one-time guest post or become a regular contributor.  Familiarize yourself with the scope and style of this blog and the following guidelines.   Doing so will increase the chances of your article being posted.

  1. Your post or article must be your own original work.
  2. It should contain tips or inspiration relevant to the scope of this blog.
  3. You’re welcome to submit questions for the Survival Survey feature, list posts (e.g. The Top Ten Survival Tools, 38 Must-Haves for your Bug Out Bag), a humorous article, or lessons learned from personal experiences.
  4. I reserve the right to edit but request that you edit your submission for correct spelling and grammar.  Your submission may not be published if too much editing is required.  Sorry, but I was an English teacher in a past life!
  5. If a submitted article requires actual editing (more than a comma here, a capital letter there) or does not add value to my blog, it will not be published.
  6. Affiliate links within your article are not allowed.
  7. You may use a pseudonym, but if you would like to include a link to your own blog or website, it will be included.
  8. I’m an equal opportunity blogger.  Submissions by guys and gals are welcome!
  9. Submit your article within an email or as a Word attachment.
  10. I will not publish any article that advertises a product or includes links either in the body of the article or the byline.  To do so would not be fair to my paid sponsors and affiliates.  If you wish to purchase advertising, please review my advertising policies and contact me.

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Article submission

You are welcome to submit an article to The Survival Mom blog if you meet the criteria listed below. Please be sure to read my guidelines,
  • Some writers do not wish to use their real name. If your article is published, I will use the name provided here.
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