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As Seen On…

For Media and other book-related inquiries, please contact Jane Chong at HarperOne – Jane.Chong@HARPERCOLLINS.com, 415-477-4441.

Print Media

o     Phoenix Magazine, October, 2011

o     The Arizona Republic, “Valley firms cater to apocalypse fears”, July 24, 2011

o     Interview with Grazia magazine (print), France.  April, 2011

o    Phoenix New Times,A Non-Perishable Thanksgiving With The Survival Mom“, November 15, 2010

o   Interviewed by Southern Metropolis Weekly magazine, China, August, 201

o   Interviewed by the Irish Independent, May, 2010

o   Feature article in The Arizona Republic, March, 2010

o   Featured in Newsweek, “Rise of the Preppers”, December, 2009

Television and Radio

o “The Today Show“,  March 5, 2012

o   Featured on KTAR (Clear Channel) radio in Phoenix, July 29, 2011

o   Interviewed by Rick Miller, the morning show, Fox News WNTM, Mobile, AL, April 4 and July 7, 2011

o   Interview on The Glenn Beck Show, FOX News, November 18, 2010

o   Featured in, “Ready for Anything”, WCBS-TV, New York, September, 2010

o   Interview by Jay Taylor, “Turning hard times into good times,” September, 2010

o   Interviewed by KTAR Radio in Phoenix, September, 2010, “National Preparedness Month”

o   Interview by Jason Hartman, , “Holistic Survival Show”, September, 2010

o   New Hampshire NPR, February, 2010

o   Interviewed by Irish talk radio, February, 2010, link not available

o   Interviewed by KTAR news radio in Phoenix (#1 talk radio station in Arizona)

o   Featured in a news story by CBS affiliate in Phoenix, aired in other markets,

o   Interviewed by Fox news affiliate in Phoenix.  This story aired in additional markets as well.  January, 2010


o  “Survival Mom says: Panic Less, Prepare More”, Allstate Blog, April 10, 2012

o   “Whatever the Emergency Is: A Q&A With Lisa Bedford“, Publishers Weekly, March 9, 2012

o    “Craftsman Experience“, Livestream Radio, September 15, 2011,

o    Podcast interviews with The Berkey Guy, Survivalist radio show, and The Prepper Podcast, February       and March, 2011

o   Stir, a Yahoo! blog, “The Survivalist Mom Wants to Save Your Butt”, November 10, 2010

o   Interview with CafeMom.com, “The Survivalist Mom Wants to Save Your Butt“, November, 8, 2010

o   Interview with ShelterPop.com,  date TBD

o   Podcast Interview, Complete Survivalist, September, 2010

o   Featured on Asylum.com and AOL’s homepage, May 19, 2010

o   Featured on MomLogic.com, Warner Bros. website, May 28, 2010

o   Podcast interview, Today’s Survival Show, May, 2010

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