24-Hour GIVEAWAY! The PurifiCup – Portable Water Purification

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Water storage and purification are such an important factor in survival that I devoted an entire chapter in my book to the topic. Sure, you can store bleach to purify water, but it has a shelf life of about a year. Boiling water is effective but requires both time and energy, whether electricity, natural gas or some other fuel.

The PurifiCup is a very effective, portable device to insure that you and your family have clean water, no matter where you are. Because it is small, it’s ideal for packing in an emergency kit, and it’s inexpensive enough to have more than one.

From the PurifiCup website:

The world’s first and only portable water purifier to adopt nano-silver technology, PurifiCup eliminates more than 600 kinds of bacteria, providing you safe and clean drinking water worry-free.  PurifiCup is a portable water filtration system perfect for international travelers.  It is also a necessity for any emergency preparation kit.

I’m intrigued by the use of silver in its filtering system, since silver has long been known to be effective as an anti-bacterial agent.

You can win your own PurifiCup by doing just two things:

  1. Visit the PurifiCup website to see the different varieties offered.
  2. Return to this site and leave a comment, telling which PurifiCup would be most helpful to you and your family.

A winner will be chosen exactly 24 hours from the time this is posted, 7 a.m. ET, on Thursday, September 6. Winner will be notified by email and must respond within 4 days or a new winner will be selected.

To learn more about how to use the PurifiCup, here’s a video demo.

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  1. James Dennis says

    Because we live in the deep south our family would do best with the natural water purifier. I wish they had a desalinator version. However, plenty of bayou and swamp water around these parts that can be purified.

  2. Leslie says

    I would like the green Purificup, though there doesn’t seem to be any difference between the three. Very cool!

  3. KMSBC says

    I would like the purple Purificup. I have to agree with Leslie, the web site doesn’t indicate any difference between the Green and the Purple.

  4. Robert says

    This one looks right for me:

    PurifiCup® Portable Natural Water Purifier – Green (Model #2203)

    Thanks for the great give away! But then you “give away” great information every day so, thanks for that too!

  5. Mike says

    We would benefit from any of them but primarily the orange filter. In case of an emergency and something happens to our well pump and we need to hand pump and bypass our filters this would come in handy.

  6. Liz W. says

    We would love the natural purifier. We have a shallow well. That is our source for water in an emergency. This would be so nice for making it safe to drink!

  7. Jen Winterburn says

    I would love to own the green model. The ability to filter into sports water bottles would be great for my kids and I. Awesome product!

  8. charley says

    natural water purificup. purple or green. I didn’t see a difference between the two except color so green.

  9. Michelle says

    The natural purifi would be great for us. We camp and hike. It would be nice to know we have a backup source of clean water if we’re unexpectedly stuck on the trail. It would be great in any emergency situation.

  10. Jessie says

    I usually live in El Salvador, due to poor health it’s easier to survive there on my disability than here, where I get water from a co-op at my house. However, though it’s supposedly potable, my neighbor’s girls were constantly plagued w/ worms (parasites) as was their mom. I instituted using bleach to purify ALL the drinking water, even the stuff going into covered containers & the fridge. They no longer have worms as often but I suspect it’s from their drinking water at school. I’d love to get one of these, probably the purple though I don’t see the diff between it & the orange or green one, just to have them filter the water at their school or to better filter the water they took w/ them so they wouldn’t have to drink any at school. When I’m there, I also find myself buying bottled water if I forget my bottle, or refilling them w/ bagged water, which has caused me stomach issues too. If I had one of these, I’d be less worried & probably get less sick from drinking iffy water. Good job!

  11. Toby says

    The natural water PurifiCup (color doesn’t matter). My husband is a hunter and we spend a lot of time outdoors hiking and camping in the Sierras. We carry bottles of water specifically for emergencies and purifying tabs, but this would be a way better emergency tool for our packs.

  12. Brenda says

    would love to win the natural water purple I think that would be best for our situation and water sources in this area of Indiana

  13. Shirl says

    I think I like the purple model #2227 best. It would work with our well water system if something happened to them. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  14. megan says

    My family and I would love the: PurifiCup® Portable Natural Water Purifier – Purple (Model #2227
    Thank you!

  15. Patti says

    The natural water Purificup will work best for us! Its just me and two kids and we live in walking distance to the river. If the SHTF and we have to bug out, we will be along the banks of the Tennessee river providing for our every need. I have been trying to fit all the essentials into our monthly budget so if I don’t win this I will certainly budget for it! I am a firm believer in Silver agents for antibacterial effects as well as anti virals and this is one of the few that has a silver agent in it!

  16. says

    I would love to own the tap water purifier. I am in Texas (land locked) and there is no water any where near! This is an awesome giveaway. Thank you so much!!

    I would love to have it with my bug out bag!

  17. Julie says

    Any of them!! All of them!! They would be all useful to have one for carrying in my purse, I would not have to buy bottled water. One in my go bag, if unable to get filtered water.

  18. Laura Spindler says

    As a few other’s have already stated,I don’t see the difference between the green and purple models either. We live in a heavy mining area and are on a well, so we really have to filter the water because of the smell of sulfur (yes it IS gross!).
    I would choose one of the natural water models, probably in purple just because I like that color. Thanks for the giveaway! >: )

  19. Laura R says

    I think the PurifiCup® Portable Natural Water Purifier – Purple would be best for us. We like to take hikes & walks on the weekend and this little gadget would be a major blessing!

  20. Penny says

    I think the green model would work great for us. We do a lot of hiking and camping and this year we couldn’t have fires, due to fire restrictions, to boil our drinking water. This would work wonderfully for the dry seasons with extreme fire restrictions. Thanks.

  21. Denisetwin says

    This one: PurifiCup® Portable Natural Water Purifier – Green (Model #2203) although only being good for 11 gallons worries me a bit!

  22. m. says

    The “PurifiCup® Portable Natural Water Purifier – Green (Model #2203)” would be perfect. I’m in Missouri and surrounded by natural sources of water. Thank you!

  23. Stephane says

    I would love the chance to win the PurifiCup® Portable Natural Water Purifier – Purple (Model #2227), just because purple is one of my favorite colors! Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  24. countrygirl says

    I think the natural water purifier would be best for us. I’d carry it when we go camping and have it as a back up to our larger filter and it would be easier then boiling.

  25. Telise Bartlett says

    The natural water purifier, In green or purple would be the choice for us. We have a creek on one side of our property and natural underground springs on the backside of our place. These would make great gifts.

  26. Emily says

    The green natural water purifier. It is more versatile, and we live close to a river. So – yeah. Easier and more versatile.

  27. says

    I would like the Natural Water Purifier – green or purple model. This looks like a great portable purifier and we would like to have them for our go bags. Thank you!

  28. Kellie Brown says

    I would LOVE to have one of these, any color, I’m desperately trying to cut the flouride (really bad stuff) and chlorine out of my family’s drinking water….I’m currently getting our drinking, cooking water from my grandparent’s farm…very hard to do…..I also need one for the shower, but that’s another story…..please accept my entry….thank you….

  29. Jesse Rice says

    the natural water purifier would be best for my family. we actually just purchased a large plot of land in NC for a family retreat and camp site. It has a small creek running through the property and one of the first things i intend to set up is a water purification capabilities. This product seems perfect for the short term and mobile needs myself and my family will have.

  30. Kim says

    We could use the green or the purple. We live near a large lake and these would come in handy in an emergency! Thanks for the giveaway!

  31. Jeff T. says

    Though the orange is tempting (due to the sorry state of our tap water) I’d go for the natural water purifier. We’ll need it if we have to bug out and I can mitigate the state of our current tap water with grocery story purchases.

  32. Mary Brignac says

    The green model would be great to have for hiking/camping, as well as to use in a survival situation.

  33. Jan says

    I would love a green or purple one for my bug out bag. They use the same filter replacement cartridge so I think they are the same amount of filtration. The counter on the cup is cool, so you know when to replace the filter! Thanks Survival Mom and Thanks PurifiCup!

  34. says

    Thanks so much for this post and contest! Your post is so timely because I have been meaning to buy some sort of portable water purification device for our emergency bags and your post gives me that extra motivation I need to do it! I really like the idea of the natural water purifier because we have a pond that could be used for emergency water, plus if you are on the go in the wilderness – it’s very useful too!

  35. Nina Washington says

    Purificup portable natural water purifier – purple or green :-) Either would be great for the BOB or hiking.

  36. W says

    Purple Purificup Portable Water Purifier. What a mouthful! This would be extremely useful to have in a vehicle bag. Thanks for the opportunity.

  37. Tim M says

    I have been comparing portable water purifiers for use in emergency situations and
    also for use in hiking/hunting/camping. The nano-silver technology used in this product sounds
    superior to some of the other filtration systems available.The “PurifiCup” (Green model 2203) portable water purification device would be ideal for my needs and very handy to take along!

  38. Carmen says

    The orange one would be most helpful to my family at this time. We have well water and have been having the worst time drinking it. The water is sooooo hard and it’s orange, I would love to see how well this filter works on it.
    Thank you for such an awesome give away.

  39. Robbin says

    The natural purificup in green would be great for my family. We have a well but in the case where we were not at home or if there was a disruption in electricity we would be forced to drink the water from the small pond and stream behind our house which was clean until beavers moved in and this removes giardia.

  40. Ani Fronek says

    I agree any of the products would be good for a BOB or BOV or home ~ but if I had to choose Id say the Green purificup.

  41. Jackie says

    This would be great for us when out for a day of play at parks. Then I could feel better about getting water from the water fountains………

  42. Gretchen says

    Green or purple, our large family uses quite a bit of water. We also spend a lot of time outdoors camping and fishing.

  43. Chris Michelson says

    This looks great.:You could use it for emergencies at home but also out camping and hiking. It would be a nice addition to any survival/emergency kit. Just to keep in the car for day trips.

  44. Jason Diaz says

    The green and Purple would be very useful to our family, and Wow what a product! i will certainly be purchasing a few of these in the near future, thank you Survival Mom!

  45. Lynda says

    I like the Tap water purifier cup personally. Good luck to everyone and thanks so much for posting this.

  46. Colleen Mills says

    I would love to have a purple model for my evac bag. Too bad they don’t offer hot pink
    for the girly prepper.

  47. JESS D. says

    I would love the Natural Water Purifier in green. Sounds like an awesome item for all the camping my family does. Thank you!

  48. Reggie says

    My family lives on well water and the tap water purificup would ensure any contaminants would be neutralized. Thanks Lisa for sharing this great resource!

  49. Katrina Boucher says

    I would choose the purple one as my 3 year olds favorite color is purple- but in all seriousness, the Purificup would be a necessary addition to my family’s emergency preparations, especially as we have a 3 year old and a new baby on the way, due in November.

  50. Kat says

    The green Model #2203 would be best for us…camping and hunting. Giardia is a problem in Alaskan creeks etc. I can also see where it would be nice to use with the tap water also, as we are on a well. These would be excellent to keep in the car, backpacks…fantastic Christmas gift ideas as well.

  51. Mrs. Z says

    I think that my family would benefit from any of them, since they can be used to fill our CamelBaks. Thanks Survival Mom for bringing this site to my attention and thanks PurifiCup, for the opportunity!

  52. Shana says

    The green one would be perfect for our family. Ensuring our three girls have safe drinking water! Oh, and mom and dad too!

  53. mary says

    The natural water model would be best for my family. we do a lot of hiking and it would be nice not to have to carry a lot of full water bottles in our backpacks! Also we live in an area where we are surrounded by lakes and rivers so in a survival situation it would be a huge bonus :)

  54. says

    Realistically, our disaster plan is shelter-in-place whenever possible, so the TAP version is all we would really need, but I certainly would not mind the Green for additional flexibility (assuming there is any functional difference).

  55. Cathy Naglic says

    Thank you for the into to the PurifiCup. Our family would love to own this product to add to our emergency kit!

  56. Bonnie MacGregor says

    I look forward to owning one of these handy devices. To be honest, I have not been able to discern the difference between Green, Orange and Purple. They appear alike except the color. I do own a Berkey device that is in my “Bug Out Bag”. I would like this for around town and traveling. Please post the differences.

  57. Tami says

    I’d love to try out the natural purple one … or really any of them! Pretty cool! I really do like all the prep “stuff” :)

  58. jackie says

    I would love to have one for natural water as we have a cabin that has a rain barrel and solar power. It would be a great addition to living off the grid.

  59. Barbara says

    I am interested in the Natural Water Purifier — either green or purple! My sister-in-law introduced me to the benefits of silver. I like the 1 micron absolute aspect. I want it for emergencies; my tap water is fine (at least at the moment. :-)

  60. ava says

    With two small kids we could really use the green one on hikes etc. or if we have to hightail it out of here when the SHTF!

  61. Kelly says

    The orange one would be useful for travel to places with icky city water. I can’t figure out the difference between green and purple (other than color). It would be a lot clearer if they would put more general info in their descriptions and remove all the repetitive technical details on every page.

  62. Traci Lee says

    Seeing as I live in a city that has jet fuel in it’s tap water, the tap water version would be what we need most here! They all look like amazing products though.

  63. Lee Ann says

    my family would definently have a use for this. We do alot of camping and it would also be a good addition to our “bug out bag”. I think we would get alot of use out of the purple one

  64. Yolanda Humphries says

    I like the green one. It would really help my family during an emergency, we live in Texas where we have hurricanes and having one of these would help my family be more prepared.

  65. Rachel says

    I would like to have the green Natural Water Purifier cup for my family. I have been saving jugs of water and intending to put bleach in them not realizing bleach only has a shelf life of 1 year. I also was considering buying pool shock too. Thanks

  66. Alexia says

    The purple cup would suit my family. I’m a teenager that has been looking into prepping and i think that this would be a great start to beginning and convincing my family of the goodness of prepping. Also with water being very important in alot of emergency situations this is a great product.

  67. Ellen B says

    I have not had the chance to buy a water purifier for my family’s bugout bag. With us living in the desert it is scary to think we dont have one. I love the natural purifier it would be perfect to add to my survival bag. :)

  68. Connie Fordham says

    The purple one would be great! We have a Berkey, but no portable filtration, yet. Thanks!

  69. Elijah Allen says

    My wife and I are both Disaster Services volunteers for the American Red Cross. Throughout the years we have served affected communities that have been devastated by floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other disasters. In almost every event we have been told that the local drinking water was contaminated and unsafe not only for drinking but for personal hygiene as well. Our ability to provide service to victims is sometimes limited by our ability transport necessary aide for victims but also cases of bottled water for us as well. ThePurifiCup® Portable Natural Water Purifier – Green (Model #2203) would us to travel light and fast. Every bottle of water we don’t drink is a bottle we can provide to our victims. We become less reliant on our logistical chain and would be even more flexible in our ability to move out to help people in a moments notice. Currently we are serving the people in Baton Rogue and La Place as they recover from Hurricane Isaac and I already wish I would have had one of these in our deployment pack. Keep up the good work!

  70. Dorothy says

    After reading that the purple would clear the water of giardia,I would like the purple. Having contracted giardia myself a few years back and suffering with it for about 2 years before it was diagnosed, I definitely would not want my family to have to endure the pain, discomfort and misery that went along with that. Since we have no emergency water purification system at this time, any either of the offered items would be great to have on hand.

  71. Chris says

    The purple one would be great for our family when we go dry camping in our rv in order to purify the water held in the rv tanks.

  72. Suzanne M says

    I like them all, but feel that the natural green purifier would best suit

    my family. A great addition to my camping and storage.

  73. Grannytraveler says

    I think the Green (Model #2203) cup would be great for me but I would LOVE to own any of them

  74. sarah says

    The green and purple are amazing for family use! I love that it can be used on virtually any natural water source … my family spends a lot of time at a local lake, as well as in wild caves. I also like that it specifies it filters giardia which also affects our furry friends – we love our dog and have her vaccinated against it – but you never know when that vax may not be available! And I have to say – my favorite feature is that it attaches to the nalgene bottles! Brilliant!

  75. Amanda says

    I love the natural purple cup! I have never heard of or seen these before. Thanks for the introduction!

  76. Kimberly says

    I’ve never seen these before. I’ve heard silver is amazing and can help us in many ways. I couldn’t tell the difference between the green and purple, but I think the green seemed best for us. Using it for tap water, and being able to take it to the river we go to most would be great. Thanks so much for the offer.

  77. Debbie says

    The purple would be great.Living in Florida and always having storms,plus I haven’t
    been able to purchase one for my bob.

  78. Tina says

    I reviewed the cups, but all 3 colors say the same. I am interested in any cup that I could use with tap water and other sources of water.

  79. Jessica says

    Our family would use green since we live by a lot of natural water. Plus I have boys, so purple may not go over so well!

  80. Nan in NC says

    I would love to try this product, and might consider carrying it in our store. It’s a new product for me, and water purification is a top priority to my customers.