10 Day Collapse-Day Recipes for the Solar Cooker

Guest post by Heidi. This list was a finalist in our list contest. The judges loved her creative recipe titles!

One of your back-up cooking methods should be a solar cooker. You can make your own (plenty of directions online) or take a look at the sturdy, but more expensive, Sun Oven.

1.  I Don’t Want to Bean Hungry Bean Bake


2.  Lentil Me See If We Have Something To Eat Casserole

3.  Quick!  Cook All the Freezer Meat Stew!

4.  The Police Have “Desserted” Us, Peach Cobbler

5.  Crab All the Food At the Grocery Store
**Skip the frying pan and put some oil in your dish and lay the Crab cakes in it. Then put in Solar Cooker until hot and heated or spread in a dish and use as a dip.

6.  Did Grandma REALLY Eat Chicken Foot Soup?
**Recipe is in second paragraph

7.  Dark Disaster Dream Bars
**Cook in Solar Cooker until it looks done, moist but not too jiggly.

8.  A Loaded 22 Baked Potato

9.  Squirrely Friends Should Stay At Someone Else’s House

10. TVP (The Vegetarian Penne)
**Substite the beef with TVP if desired.

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(2) Readers Comments

  1. So how do you adapt these recipes for the Sun Oven? for example, the beef stew, you heat the oil, brown the beef, remove cook the onions, etc. etc… multiple steps, how do you adapt it for cooking in the sun oven??

    Thanks for all your great posts!

    • When the recipe is ready to bake, place it in a pre-heated solar cooker. Be sure the sky is pretty much cloud-free; the oven should cast a clear shadow. If it doesn’t, that means the sky is too overcast for the cooker to be effective. I recommend cooking your food early in the afternoon and timing it so you’ll know the approximate cook time for that particular recipe.

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