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Skill of the Month

Ham Radio. Dehydrating. Camping. Gardening. Canning. Organizing everything. Does the list of things to learn never end?!?! Well, no, not really, but there is no need to be totally overwhelmed.

It’s not possible to learn everything at once, at least not outside of a sci-fi movie. That’s where the Survival Mom Skill of the Month comes in! It’s actually something I’ve had for several years, so there are quite a few skills you can browse through to get a jump-start on your preparedness.

In 2015, I restarted the Skill of the Month. There are 12 different skills coming, one for every month (clever, right?), that are designed so that everyone from newbie to experienced prepper can hopefully find something to help them on their path. They are laid out to try to fit in with the seasons, which is why canning is in the summer when gardens are producing lots, but they can be tried any time at all.

There are also mini-guides, webinars, and more to go along with these new skills, which will coming soon to this page. In the mean time, enjoy these Skill of the Month posts from our archives! (Older posts are indented.)

Jump right in!  To paraphrase Alan Jackson, “It’s January somewhere!”


January: Organize and Reduce

February: Switch from Store-bought to Homemade

Bread baking

Homemade laundry soap


Make homemade tortillas!

March: Learn a new Handicraft

Knit and crochet


April: Gardening Skills

May: Evacuation Plans

Pack your 72 hour kits

Plan your evacuation route

June: Off-Grid Skills

Candles and Lanterns

Electricity-free for 48 hours!

Learn to make homemade cheese

Make a Faraday cage

July: Canning Coming soon!

Learn how to can tomatoes

August: Coming soon!

Other Uses for Wheat Berries 

Rice and Beans for a week!

Sprouting seeds

September: Foraging for Medicinal and Edible Plants Coming soon!

October: Get your HAM Radio License Coming soon!

Amateur radio operator

November: Coming soon!

December: Coming soon!

Note: skills subject to change.



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