The 12 Days of Christmas: Day 5, Keep it simple, sweetie!

image by Hendricks NY

image by Hendricks NY

Have you noticed that the most memorable moments in life are often the simplest?  Children, in particular, are happy with simple, basic pleasures.  Life is too complicated all by itself, and at Christmas time, it gets even worse!

This Christmas, how about focusing on simple activities that make the most of family time together?  To make sure they actually happen, the key is scheduling.  In my life, if it goes on the calendar, it gets done.  If it floats around in my head, it will almost always be forgotten.  So grab that December calendar, think about what your family would enjoy, and then make a date!  Here are some ideas to get  you started.

  • a family game night — card games, board games, teach the kids how to play backgammon
  • a family baking night — if funds are low, put your food storage to good use!
  • set out a Christmas jigsaw puzzle
  • a family talent night — No talent?  No problem!  This is for pure entertainment, and a few laughs!
  • walk around the neighborhood to look at the lights
  • a family craft night, making ornaments or gifts
  • invite a few friends over for a holiday goodie potluck, hot chocolate, and reading the real Christmas story

I’ll bet you could add a half dozen or more suggestions to this list.

If we say that spending time with our family and friends is the most important part of the holidays, then doesn’t it make sense to do just that?  Simple times spent together make memories and build relationships.

In “The Christmas Sweater”, Glenn Beck makes a comment that what he wants most for Christmas is time.  We can make more money, we can buy more food, we can get more stuff, but the one thing we can’t make more of is time.  Make the most of the time that is still left of this beautiful holiday season by scheduling simple, fun activities with the ones you love.  Ultimately, those are the moments that make forever memories.


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