12 Days of Holiday Giveaways: Something for the guys!

This great giveaway is the next to the last in my series for the holidays, and it has something for every guy in your life!

250_24pwr_wht_completeFirst, for the electronics-junkie, we have a Duracell Powermatt “24 Hour Power System*” to give away! I’ve been using this and really appreciate having one spot where our phones can charge, along with a portable battery backup charger. Also included is an access case, which allows phones to charge without any cord! For the busy guy (or gal!) who relies on a cell phone or iPod, this system really comes in handy. Keep the portable battery backup fully charged and tucked away in a coat pocket or backpack, so you’ll always be ready to charge that almost-dead phone.

*This system is for the iPhone 4/4S and/or Android.

Next, something really fun and special for the new, or soon-to-be-new, dad! It’s a Daddy Diaper Pack! This is a well-equipped, ultimate backpack for the new dad in the family.

backpacksmallPRINTThe custom design allows less fumbling through deep pockets and eliminates struggling to take off the pack while holding baby. The side pockets are great for water bottles, baby bottles, and sippy cups. There’s a big pouch for diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes (and of course a small one for the “dirty stuff”).

The front organizer pocket is designed for the essentials like keys, money, cell phone, pacifier, and small toys. The insulated cooler pocket is perfect for snacks. The skater straps are great for hooking everything from sand pails, to beach towels, to flip flops, hats, and even wet clothes.

The Daddy Diaper Pack™ by DaddyScrubs is truly the ultimate go-to diaper bag for dads – perfect for all occasions like shopping, walking trips, car rides, and emergencies.

You’ll have to customize the Pack with your own diapers, toys, blankets, and, of course, a baby! (Prize does not include additional items in photo.)

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 2_50_21 PMFinally, from comes a terrific, very MANLY looking American Casual Collection messenger bag! My son immediately fell in love with this, and has been using it as a book bag ever since. It can easily hold textbooks and notebooks, electronics, and just about anything else a guy feels he really needs to have at the ready.

However, no one would ever confuse this bag with a purse. Man-purses are a no-go here at The Survival Mom!

It’s made of sturdy canvas in neutral colors that pretty much go with everything, if your guy cares about that sort of thing.

Giveaway details

There are 3 prizes and 3 winners will be selected at random to receive one of the prizes. Giveaway ends on December 20, and winners will be notified within 48 hours.

I’d like to give you plenty of opportunities to win one of these prizes with this Rafflecopter entry form. Each time you click on one of the different ways to enter, you earn additional points, and, of course, the more points you accumulate, the more chances you have of winning.

Have fun with this one!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


There may be links in the post above that are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission, which does not affect the price you pay for the product. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. 

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(196) Readers Comments

  1. A cabin on a lake, but the cabin would have come with snowmobiles and a ski boat to make his ultimate wish come true.

  2. A farm house or newer jeep

  3. some land where we would build our dream home

  4. A cabin in the woods, with quads and snowmobiles

  5. a small cabin / solar powered / wood heat / running water

  6. A house, in the country, a big truck and a browning high power.

  7. Any of these would make a great gift for my guy.

  8. I would give the self sustaining, dream farm we have both wanted for a very long time, 10 acres with woods and farm land, solar and wind powered everyone’s dream.

  9. Would probably give him a visit to one of the most progressive MDs or Naturopaths in the US or the world. The ones here in Nashville, TN are just not cutting it……

  10. This would be awesome for my teenager and a big break for me as we are not doing gifts this year.

  11. A log cabin in the mountains and a new Ford 4×4 Truck

  12. Survival Mom, the gift that keeps on giving.

  13. A long fantastic vacation to places we never thought we could see!

  14. Thanks for the chances!!!

  15. His own place.

  16. The guys in my family are so much harder to buy for. They all have their hobbies and I am not acquainted with the “tools” of each hobby.

  17. My wife would love to have an around-the-world cruise vacation!

  18. A new homestead.

  19. If money were no object I’d give my husband a cruise around the world.

  20. His dream car. I’m not sure what that is LOL, some old something or other!

  21. My husband enjoys cooking. I would love to get him a new stove to use and new pots and pans . You might think it is unmanly but he is disabled and loves to putter around in the kitchen trying new recipes.

  22. Oh where to start. A new phone, truck, woodstove, ammo, accessories for guns, liberty safe….

  23. A log cabin in the woods under my name only…

  24. An off grid cabin in the woods with a new Ford pickup to take on a guided elk hunt in New Mexico.

  25. If money were no issue I would give my husband the land we’ve been saving for, and a cabin with an amazing library for all of the books we have stored away until we have room for them.

  26. If money were no object, I would get him a new extended cab, 4wd truck with automatic transmission so he could do his job and I wouldn’t have to worry about him getting back and forth safely.

  27. Land, with a farmhouse, a lake a geodome and chicken house, maybe a trip to some beautiful island as well.

  28. Another 46 years together!

  29. I think this year we will just focus on others as our budget is so tight. We will be making things like the old fashioned Christmas’s. Although there is a lot of things I would like to buy for him and the others, we will enjoy it for what the season is. To me that’s just being Thankful for everyday and having our loved ones a part of our life.

  30. I would build them a survival compound and stock it.

  31. Custom built cabin on some land with a creek or spring on it.

  32. a house totally off the grid

  33. I’d make a deal with my grandmother to buy her property. There is a freshwater stream on property, 5+ acres of farm ready, 2 ponds, an established orchard and grape arbor, 2 barns, and there’s a walk-in meat locker in the basement.

  34. Id give my family anything they needed and all their debts paid off. After having my house built in the Adirondacks, I would help my community and move my best friend up to never have to worry about feeding her son again. Knowing everyone is taken care of, it would give me the time to travel around the US, helping people with acts of kindness, getting awareness out for families struggling here and the homeless needing help. Id love to build a program for homeless, any homeless person, so they had a place to stay and resources. Ok, thats enough of my novel lol.

  35. My favorite gift to my husband was taking him fly fishing on the Green River in Utah! Always nice to be able to give them something that really makes him feel manly. *giggle* That was many moons ago & one day I’d like to do it again.

  36. Im single, thats why its a long answer 😛

  37. A new house on a nice piece of property!

  38. These are fantastic!

  39. If money were no object: a real vacation.

  40. A home and ten acres backing up to a national forest

  41. property w/ house, fresh water, and 10year supply of all stuff that they would need in cause the SHTF :)

  42. A new 4 wheel drive vehicle. He’s driving an old beater right now. (Though he’d pick a sports car if he could… Do they make 4WD Lamborghinis? looked it up – well they do. I’m in luck.)

  43. If I could buy my husband anything I would buy a grand piano for my husband who really wants to play piano(he plays everything else)but has never been around pianos enough to learn it

  44. He would like a retirement place in Hawaii on the beach!

  45. I would give him 100 acres that has a 10 acre lake with a log home.

  46. A mortgage burning party!

  47. A trip to Australia!

  48. A log cabin in the woods by a cool running spring.

  49. A new tractor.

  50. A nice big router table with router and accessories for his home business. He is using lots of smaller items to make things work, but it is not easy.

  51. A house in the country w/ 10 (or more) acres, some good dirt, a spring-fed stream, you know, basically a Survival Compound! 😉

  52. I would finance a start up for his own business :)

  53. Very cool stuff, thanks for the opportunity to win!

  54. A brand new car and a paid off mortgage.

  55. Would be wonderful to win one of these great prizes .

  56. A riding lawnmower or a wood chipper!

  57. I need this powermat.

  58. A camper!

  59. A trip to Alaska

  60. I would buy him all the power tools needed to finish my homestead!

  61. what would I buy him? Id pay off his house!

  62. I have no signifcant other but if money were no object I’d buy a tiny house camper/mini trailer for my son and I to have our own place and we could camp in it

  63. I rarely am able to find something for my husband because when he sees something he likes he stays quiet and then buys it for himself. How fun would it be to surprise him with things I know he will like and yet hasn’t (probably) crossed his mind!

  64. log cabin, acreage, green house filled with aquaponics and a huge pond for koi

  65. If I had one I would give him a classes at Maine Primitive Skills School so we are on the same level.

  66. Christmas shopping for my hubby is fairly easy…. hockey tickets. Every year. It’s the same thing. Easy peasey!

  67. That would be so awesome!!!

  68. If money were no object I would buy my partner a $700 traditional, vintage Bandura.

  69. I would pay for her to get the help that she wants with her PCOS. If money wasn’t a factor that is what I would do.

  70. A new truck, and a homestead in Alaska.

  71. Money wouldn’t be the object, it is determining what she really wants. She doesn’t allow herself much so doesn’t leave any hints as to what she wants. Getting it right is a real hit or miss affair!

  72. A small farm on a lake or river. He would be so so happy!

  73. Concert tickets, spending money for food, drinks and T-shirts, and hotel rooms or transportation costs for every artist that will be playing this year nearby, that we love.

  74. I would give him a beautiful ranch in Montana.

  75. He wants a replacement for his PT Cruiser, since a kamikazee deer wiped his old one out! I would buy him a newer used PT Cruiser in gun-metal grey (they don’t make them new anymore).

  76. Pay off all our bills so he could work less!

  77. A log cabin in the woods complete with new snowmobiles!

  78. The mini-farm he has dreamed of would be on the top of the list.

  79. I would get him a new truck.

  80. Wireless head phones with wi fi

  81. Any of the 3 would be great!

  82. I would get front row seats to a Rangers hockey game, with his own personalized jersey :) *sigh* (of course a ticket for me. too) ;P

  83. I would give my lovely wife a bug out location in tje mountains near a small lake.

  84. Private land in the wilderness

  85. If Money was no object it would be a baby of our own. He is a wonderful Dad to my 2 boys but I cant carry anymore babies. Biologically yes we could have 1.

  86. A new set of golf clubs and a season pass!

  87. A nice, relaxing, quiet vacation.

  88. If money were no object I would move to a warmer climate with lots of land so we could start our own homestead and I would make it so he didn’t have to work, just on the homestead.

  89. thanks for the give away!

  90. I would give my husband a new truck!

  91. I don’t have a special someone at the moment but if I did I’d try to find out what his dearest desire(s) was and get it for him, if I could. :)

  92. I’d buy a house and some property.

  93. An island.

  94. Any of these would make great gifts for my men!

  95. If money were no object, I would give my husband either a suburban or a diesel Ford truck, years 1997-2003. He doesn’t want a newer one :)

  96. I would build him a Pole barn with an indoor shooting range.

  97. I’d buy her an island.

  98. A farm!!!!

  99. A new car! Ours is getting a bit old. Plus a fully loaded woodshop!

  100. A brand new 3/4 ton king cab truck!

  101. He wants a metal detector and all the accessories. He also wants a wood splitter. A nice cabin on a lake so that he could go fishing whenever the mood strikes.

  102. An LG Ultima G so she can better organize her life.

  103. That’s a loaded question, I would give my “other” a nevermind, since it’s in the spirit of Christmas, a divorce so he and his girlfriend can go away.

  104. If money were truly no object, I would give her and our children a full on compound. Nothing to make the government come shake us down, but enough to keep us safe and secure while still being part of the world.

  105. I’d get him a new truck

  106. if I had the money/time I would give him the gift of travel! So many places we would like to see and experience together.

  107. a cruise

  108. A Landship on acreage somewhere warmer than where we live ……

  109. I love this site. I would buy my loved one something beneficial and purposeful for help in dire situations . :0)

  110. A few acres with a small farm.

  111. If money were no object, I would buy back the Lincoln LS that my husband willingly sold in order to raise funds for the purchase of our first house! It was a great, selfless decision, but every time we see one on the road, I’m reminded of how much he misses it!

  112. These look like some great items.

  113. A great off the grid cabin up in the mountains.

  114. If money were no object, I would give my husband a custom-built house on our own private island.

  115. a few hundred acres with a huge cabin in the middle surrounded by trees

  116. I’d love to be able to give my hubby 40 acres with a cabin, a creek, and a mule or two. He’d be in heaven for the rest of his life.

  117. I would buy my husband the best generator (actually 2 so he has a backup!) that money can buy, suitable for our needs of course, and a large gasoline/propane tank (full) to fuel it.

  118. A new house & a computer of his own (his died)

  119. A few more acres of land and some horses. He has always wanted horses.

  120. just time together…..alone

  121. I would buy my wife a new car so that she had a dependable vehicle for work

  122. I usually buy him cologne or tools

  123. I would buy a farmstead and move our house to it. Somewhere OUT and away from cities and towns.

  124. An Aimpoint Pro control rifle optic, he so badly wants one

  125. Solar panels for my roof!

  126. If budget was no object I’d buy my wife a diamond ring .

  127. I would buy him his mountain top. A barn full of Harleys..this is his when I win the lotto dream

  128. A log cabin on our farmland up north.
    And for he neighbor to go away for good.

  129. The farm house that was shown on ‘The Walking Dead’

  130. I would buy my wife the Hawaiian cruise with our girls that she wants so badly! I’m already saving up all my Tips to hopefully take them there in 4-5 years, but if I could put that under the tree this christmas, she would be so very happy.

  131. I would buy my husband some acreage in Colorado and a cabin.

  132. Any gift from the heart is best!

  133. Large cabin on a lake or ocean with Mountain views in Alaska, summer home

  134. I’d get my husband a really nice pickup truck. He has a part time landscaping job (in addition to his forester full time job) and a truck would come in handy!

  135. Acres and acres of land with a pond, a grain mill, guns and ammo, top of the line water filtration system, an off-grid cabin.

  136. A trip around the world!

  137. A nice cabin off the beaten path, miles from anyone else!

  138. My hubby’s a computer geek… electronic toys/gadgets are usually on his list.

  139. I have no significant other

  140. A generator for our house, a water capturing system, solar power for the house

  141. A homestead!

  142. If money were no object I would build him an out building. With electric, running water, the works.

  143. A car w no lease!

  144. More time to rest!

  145. I’d give him all the prepper things he’s always wanted

  146. If money were no object, I would build an extra bathroom just for hubby. He hates sharing ours. All my stuff gets in his way, and he could go in there and hide as long as he wants without being bothered.

  147. A chef to cook our meals since we both hate to cook.

  148. Groovy prizes!

  149. I would buy him a beautiful house with a big garden and pool

  150. I would get him the almost $500 weight set he wants. Unfortunately it’s a little out of our affordability range right now.

  151. I would buy him a house!

  152. If money were no object, I’d buy enough stock for our store to make it a truly viable business.

  153. A super-fancy scope to go with his super-fancy rifle! 😉

  154. If money were no object, I’d have a pond put in our backyard and get it stocked by the conservation department.

  155. A camper so we could become Camp host.

  156. A hunting expedition out West.

  157. 100 acres in the UP of Michigan

  158. Wow, another great give-a-way: how awesome! my DH would love any of these! thanks so much for another GREAT opportunity to win!!!!
    Happy Holidays to all of you,

  159. I’d give him a hunting and fishing lodge on a lake, fully stocked with supplies.

  160. A trip to see his father in CA.

  161. A pacific fishing charter!

  162. A trip…just the two of us! Hawaii maybe?

  163. He would get a hunting trip anywhere in the US he would like – generally he would like Montana.

  164. The ultimate prepper stronghold that would never be photographed, interviewed, or otherwise discussed.

  165. a small cabin / solar powered / wood heat / running water / big garden / animals

  166. If money were no object, I would hire a full time nurse and the best of the best doctors to care for his mother who is declining in her health and battling cancer.

  167. Happy Holidays!

  168. 600 acres with a house in the middle with a bunker and hydro ponics

  169. I would give them a fantastic vacation!!!

  170. If money were no object, I would get my significant other the self-sufficient homestead that we are currently working so hard to obtain! The works…solar/wind/hydro power…land for our animals and garden…land for our dirt bike trails…natural water source…the works!!!!!!!!

  171. I would get him a survival retreat.

  172. If money were no object, I would give him the perfect country home/land that he has been dreaming of along with a new 4-wheeler and tractor to do everything he would want to do on the farm!

  173. A homestead with loads of land!

  174. I’d buy him that super big TV he wants the edge-less one… but if money really was no object I would give him the money to start him own business doing what he loves.

  175. Secluded spot in the mountains with a stream and lots of hidey spots

  176. If money were REALLY no object I’d get him a private jet, a hangar to keep it in and a pilot to fly it to our beach home –which I would also buy for him.

  177. I would hire him a chef, a chauffeur, a housekeeper and a nanny.

  178. my husband died in 2011 miss him dearly but he always wanted to live off the grid so if I could have anything I would want a cabin in the mountains next to a creek and have one hundred acres an a nice 4-wheeler and a snow sled

  179. A large cabin in the middle of 100 acres — lots of woods, a clear-flowing creek, and enough open space for a garden and a farm animal or two.

  180. I would buy him a new motorcycle along with a gift certificate to customize it the way he wants.

  181. My husband would love a manly looking diaper bag! With a boy on the way, the pink one won’t cut it!

  182. A house and a car that runs

  183. DH wants solar panels practically covering the entire house!

  184. I guess I’d give him the soldering tool kit he wants! 😉

  185. A new Jeep Cherokee , our old family car is beyond repair and there is no way to afford a new one

  186. A home in the country and new truck.

  187. dh would want a new car

  188. To be debt-free!

  189. a new truck with all the bells and whistles!!

  190. Just would like to live outside of the city. Simple living.

  191. A new house that does not take so much upkeep and where we can grow a garden!

  192. A wonderful shop full of tools and gadgets to rival that of Norm Abrams!!

  193. Great give away, dear hubby would love this, I’m finally getting him to understand what I’ve been up to for the past year!!!!

  194. If money were no object, I’d buy him a cabin on a lake near a fabulous golf course so he can retire and play golf when he finishes his 25 years on the fire department in 4.5 years – hooray! Hopefully, he’d let me come visit on weekends while I finish slaving away for another 10 or 12 years ugh. :)

  195. Our dream homestead. :)

  196. A farm with some land! So he can farm, hunt, fish and trap to his heart’s content!

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